Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Formula Dispenser Machine

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Review

I was finding it increasingly challenging to get everything ready for the midnight and early morning feeding rounds as a brand new mom with twins to feed every day – from having the bottles washed up to being able to mix the formula to the appropriate consistency. That’s when I started looking for formula makers, ones that can mix formula food in seconds, till I came across reviews on the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced.

And after a close read, it was evident that Brezza does deliver as promised and much more. Frankly, it is so easy to operate that even your husband or life partner shouldn’t have any issues in getting the bottles ready for the midnight feeding, all he has to do is push the button, and it’s that simple.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Review

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced is a game-changing machine that consistently produces the optimal bottle for your baby.  Here’s how it works: you fill up the airtight formula canister, push the desired number of ounces and temperature, and in less than 15 seconds, you have the perfect bottle for baby!

The Brezza formula pro maker worked like a charm once I got it installed correctly and I got to admit, after the first week, I was sold on to it. Skepticism aside, the baby formula maker not only mixed the formula to the right consistency, but it did it at the right temperature as well. The formula maker actually preheats the water to room temperature before it mixes it with the stored formula power, and dispenses it, without air bubbles.

Not only was I able to handle the midnight feeding rounds with my twins but I did not have to put up with much spillage, nor scramble around trying to mix anything or rummage around looking for that scoop. I would definitely award Brezza four and a half out of five stars, for it is just what every new mom needs, a formula maker, with an instant dispenser.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Formula Dispenser Machine


What pleased me most about Breeza formula maker is how it preheats the water to room temperature so that when the formula is dispensed, it is ready to go’ and you can start feeding your baby right away. Since the formula is mixed with preheated water at room temperature, you need not bother waiting for it to cool down or check the temperature of the mix by pouring some on to your wrist, Breeza always dispenses the mix at room temperature or close to 98 degrees.The other great thing about the baby Breeza formula pro is that you needn’t worry about whether the formula maker will be able to dispense the right amount of formula. It does just that, you need to adjust the setting to the amount of formula you need, for example, a Three oz.setting will deliver just about enough formula for three ounces.

The fact that the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced can be used with any type of formula is one of its numerous advantages. Anyone who has experimented with various formula types understands how difficult it can be to keep track of correct preparation. European formulae, for example, frequently have a different powder-to-water ratio than American formulas.

The Baby Brezza, on the other hand, features settings for both popular American and European formulas, allowing it to switch between the two. It can even be used with thicker formulae, such as Similac Alimentum, a hypoallergenic choice for newborns suffering from colic or reflux.

Zero Spillage

If you are worried about spillage, you will be pleased to know that with Breeza formula maker, there’s zero spillage and you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll end up with more formula on yourself than in the bottle. Gone are the days when you had to measure everything by the scope and pray that you added the right amount of water at the right temperature and not have to spill anything onto the Linoleum floor. With Breeza, you can store both your formula powder, and water in airtight containers and Breeza takes care of the rest. Even a simple read of baby brezza formula pro reviews should make it clear that Breeza does provide a “one in all” solution where formula mix is concerned.

By mixing the right amount of water to the formula and dispensing it through a dispenser, you should be able to easily fill over twenty oz. bottles with seven hundred grams of formula powder. With this formula maker, the preparation time takes just seconds – it is that easy. Of course, you would still have to clean and sterilize each bottle after use and wipe the dispenser clean. And if you are worried about whether this baby formula maker would work with your brand of formula powder, you will be pleased to know that it works just fine with all brands, from bottles to formula powder.

The other great thing about this baby formula maker is the customer support that you get at Breeza, for the whole experience is nothing short of great. Be it installation gripes or some technical glitch, the customer support at Breeza is always ready to lend a hand. While other companies rarely listen to any issues their customers may have with their products, Breeza seems determined to prove that they are a cut above the rest. You can also adjust the setting on the baby formula maker easily;you can set it to two, four, six, eight or ten ounces, and get the same dispensed to the bottle easily, with the push of the button.


The floor of this baby bottle making machine is adjustable, allowing you to utilize any size bottle. You can utilize small portable bottles, larger bottles, or any off-brand bottle you find by altering the elevation. It also doesn’t matter how big the bottle’s lip is.

Airtight Containers

The water and the formula are kept separate in airtight containers to ensure that they are always ready to use. There’s no need to be concerned about the formula rotting or needing to measure in formula. All you have to do now is drop your formula into the container and you’re ready to go. After that, all you have to do is fill up the water and formula areas as necessary.


I understand that this may appear to be an annoyance to some, but daily cleaning is actually rather simple. The following is a breakdown of the daily washing — you will need to clean the funnel and funnel cover every day. You’ll also need to clean the machine’s powder-dispensing hole.

I washed the two pieces in under a minute and let them air dry before wiping down the machine for another 20 seconds. I recommend doing this daily cleaning after baby’s first bottle in the morning so you have time to put these parts back in their proper places during the day rather than at night.


  • The formula maker comes with an easy to use control panel
  • Airtight storage containers for both the baby powder and water; the water storage tank can be removed and cleaned easily.
  • Anyone can work this machine since all they would have to do is to push the button


  • The manufacturers could put out additional information to help all the new moms out there to get the formula maker installed correctly. The installation is a tad tricky and you need to get everything locked into place for it to work correctly.
  • The manufacturers don’t provide you with any brushes to help you clean the gunk and formula build up, from the dispenser

As mentioned earlier, I would rate the Baby Breeza formula pro maker, four and a half stars out of five, on account of the fact that it’s an all in one’ maker, its ease of use, its patented mixing technology and of course, the way it dispenses the formula mix without air bubbles and in the right consistency.

Here’s a free tip, after a while, an empty spot may form within your dispenser right over where the nozzle sits as the formula would stick to the sides. So just take a spoon and spread the formula evenly around, so that Breeza is able to mix the formula right. And after that, you should be able to get the formula dispensed easily. And all new moms out there will definitely appreciate this formula maker; for it sure beats having to stay up for long hours in the night, waiting for the formula to cool down and then try and feed your little one. With this baby formula maker, you can get it all done in one go and even operate the machine with one hand if needed.


It is critical to prepare your baby’s bottle with the proper formula-to-water ratio for his or her health. Your baby’s nutritional demands may not be met by a formula bottle diluted with too much water. A bottle with too much formula in it might put a strain on your baby’s still-developing digestive system and kidneys, leading to dehydration.

The Formula Pro Advanced allows you to create a heated formula bottle to exacting requirements every time. Baby Brezza Formula Pro weighs powdered formula, as described on the formula can label, and is therefore more exact than weighing formula by hand, which relies on volume measurement and approximation.

While I have tried a couple of other makers, I had to settle on Breeza as my favorite pick of the three. Both Born free and Tommy Tippee did not impress me as much as Breeza did and apart from its various features, you can read up on some of the baby brezza formula pro reviews to know more about this product. But the fact that it is easily affordable makes this formula maker my top choice for all the reasons listed above.


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