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How To Make A Hostel More Comfortable

Hostels may be a lot of fun to stay in and are typically a cheap alternative for tourists, but they aren’t necessarily the most pleasant places to stay. You may not be able to have the relaxed vacation that you desire because the cleanliness isn’t up to your expectations or because you’re crowded in a …

staying fit
Health & Fitness

Staying Fit for Free

Did you start out the New Year with a resolution to live a healthier life? After several weeks of holiday eating, our bodies sure can use a break from the larger portions and all those sweets! If you live in the north like I do, the grey weather and long dark days can make us …

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Prepping Our Kids to Leave the Nest

When our children are about to leave home, we want to do everything we can to make the transition easier. But occasionally “smoothing” is gone too far, and our children leave the house without the excellent sense God bestowed upon a goose! Prepping for a life on their own begins far sooner than most parents …

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Health & Fitness

How Does Stress Make Us ill?

Before we get stuck in, though, let’s just remind ourselves of the evidence that stress, particularly chronic stress, does make us ill.  Many people, particularly people with no interest in reading about this kind of thing, often write off stress as “all in the mind” but it’s not as simple as that. The evidence that …

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When Spending Money Stops Tasting Good

This month, the food categories in my budget have never looked so… different. For starters, grocery budget skyrocketed, most likely as a result of some bad menu planning and having guests around for dinner at least a few times. But my restaurant budget is just mind-boggling. This month, I’ve only spent $39.60 on dining out, …

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