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In my previous post, I offered some inspiration for creating an analog desk or a space free of digital distraction. The idea came from a book I read called, Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon. In my NYC apartment there was only one possible place to carry out this plan (aside from setting up shop on the fire escape): a console table that previously held decorative items on top and a jumble of papers inside which I will not show you, due to shame. I’d kept the wall above bare to give everyone’s eyes a rest as I already have two gallery walls and a framed poster hanging in the living room. Too bad eyeballs! It’s all inspirational images and quotes from now on. I did, however, decide to go with white to ease the claustrophobia a bit. For now, this is plenty of space for me to create, draw, paint, and do my 30 Day Sketch Book Challenge. So this is the big reveal, folks! This where the analog magic will happen; the digital magic happens in my power pajamas from my couch office.

The makeover was relatively simple. I bought:

I had previously cleaned out the aforementioned paper shame and organized all of my art materials into the drawers. The hardest part was hanging everything up, but luckily my brother was willing to help me. He actually measured and leveled things whereas I usually just “eyeball it” and end up with an excess of aborted holes. Once everything was hung, I got to work on embellishing the plain white accessories and canvases. My inspiration was this wallpaper which was inspired by graphic designer Marcus Kraft’s book Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow.  I knew I couldn’t do a whole wall, so I penciled in and then painted the sayings/song titles onto the white desk accessories. I’m currently inspired by the imperfection of sketches and handwritten fonts, so it was the perfect fit. Spoiler: I also added one of my own as a tribute to MIA. I bent the backs of my Alt NYC pins and turned them into push pins and started hanging up things I like to look at. It’s pretty bare now as most of my inspiration is in digital form, but now I have a reason to collect beautiful photos and objects.


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