Can you believe it’s been over a year since I went vegetarian? Neither can I! I thought I’d do a bit of an update with how it’s been going because I know some people are interested in changing their own lifestyle.


In short it’s been going great! It’s been a fairly easy, seamless transition for us and both Isaac and I have really enjoyed eating a vegetarian diet. One of the biggest changes for us during the past year is we now cook separately. We used to cook together however with being vegetarian it’s very to forget just how carb-y legumes can be and although Isaac loves that when I’m trying to get in shape and loose weight it’s not for me. It was a little disappointing for me because I’m not a very good cook so I struggled in the first few months not having Isaac to help me cook things but now I’m much more confident in the kitchen so it’s been really great for me to learn more about food.


In the beginning we were eating alot more mock meat, not lots but probably twice a week, now we rarely have mock meat unless it’s for a treat meal on the weekend. The meals we cook now and mostly in bulk so we can cook less. Isaac cooks probably 3 nights of the week and I cook probably 4 because I cannot stand not having variety #diva. I think a big fear of mine was getting bored with a vegetarian diet or craving meat but honestly the thought of meat makes me feel sick and I’m SO not bored with anything I’m eating which has been a huge relief. It sounds funny but I was scared of it ‘being a phase’ and that’s why I think alot of people didn’t take us seriously at the start but I’m so glad this is a lifestyle change for us. We’re so happy and it really is a long term lifestyle adaptation we’re LOVING.


Of course there have been some struggles over the past year. The obvious one is eating out where we live. We’re pretty restricted now especially when I try to avoid dairy and gluten due to digestion problems. We eat alot of mexican if we go out but honestly we don’t eat out nearly as much as we used too. I find it really fustruating where we live because there are some places that don’t even have a ONE vegetarian option so it has been annoying to check menus before dining out. We especially struggled over in Bali because trying to order something without a meat is virtually impossible but luckily we found some amazing vegan cafes towards the end of our trip we ended up living at!

Another challenge for me personally was when I decided I wanted to loose weight and just get my digestion issues sorted. I haven’t spoken about it tooooo much but essentially I see a nutritionist, I’ve had lots of tests done and I’m feeling so much better being off dairy and gluten. I also had my hormone levels tested which showed some major imbalances so we’ve been trying to levels those out to help with a bunch of side affects I may go into in a health post one day. Essentially I don’t eat dairy, gluten, meat and I’m also only meant to eat tofu in moderation because it affects hormone levels. Obviously when you’re trying to loose weight legumes aren’t a fantastic option so it’s very hard to find lean things when you don’t eat meat or fish! For a little while I did eat some smoked salmon as I was really struggling with the lack of variety however after a week I just couldn’t do it any longer because I didn’t want to eat it. Let’s just say my last 6 months of meals haven’t been the most exciting of ones but the results I’ve been seeing are awesome AND I’m feeling so amazing so it’s been worth it. I feel like not alot of people talk about it but loosing weight as a vegetarian and having a balanced diet is HARD.


So that brings us to now and how I’m currently feeling. At the moment I’m thinking more and more about going vegan because when I think about it I’m only eating eggs as I don’t eat dairy. The only thing that is hindering that lifestyle change is my weight loss journey, eggs are a huge part of my diet, so for now they need to stay. I don’t want to be silly or irresponsible with the way I loose my last few kilos and if I were to cut out eggs I think there would be a panic moment for me and mentally I wouldn’t deal with it very well. I’m not saying you can’t loose weight when you’re a vegan – obviously you can – but I don’t want to pressure of stressing about a lifestyle change like that at the moment. In the coming years I can see myself definitely becoming vegan but I want it to be an organic shift and that’s just not where I’m not at the moment.


Phew congrats if you got this far!


Are you vegetarian or vegan? How do you find it? Do you struggle with any aspects?


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