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Amazing Apocalyptic Footwear to Save your Life

Combat Boots
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If you’ve watched movies such as 28 Days Later, The Road and 12 Monkeys then you’ll probably have wondered what would happen in a real life apocalypse. You may believe that crazed zombies will start walking the streets and biting anybody who stands in their way. You might even think that big green aliens will come down in their space cruisers and start populating the earth. Whatever your views you are in the fortunate position of being able to prepare for these terrifying events. You could start by purchasing footwear suitable for the apocalypse, because it really could SAVE YOUR LIFE!

High Heeled Boots

Female characters such as Lara Croft and Buffy certainly knew the importance of looking good while saving the earth. You could continue the feminine tradition and buy yourself a pair of high heeled boots. You may

use these stylish heeled boots

to deliver some seriously powerful kicks and do some savage stomping.

Combat Boots

It is quite likely that you’ll have to go on a hunt for fellow survivors when the apocalypse happens. You might have to climb mountains, trek across barren wastelands and through boggy marshes in the dead of night. You’ll want a pair of boots that are up to the task. Regulation army or marine boots would be absolutely ideal. It would be sensible to wear them in if you want to reduce the likelihood of painful blisters (like you’ll be worried about blisters!)

Knee Length Wellingtons

You probably won’t want to wear wellington boots for the entirety of your apocalyptic quest. These items are bulky, ungainly and difficult to pull off. However, it would be worth slipping a pair into your backpack, in case you are forced to walk through damp, rat infested sewers or marshy bogs.

Fur Lined Nubuck Boots

If you’ve watched films such as The Thing and Silent Night Deadly Night then you’ll know that some horrific scenarios play out in the depths of winter. You should prepare by buying yourself a pair of comfortable fur lined nubuck boots. You’ll also want to invest in a heavyweight coat and winter trousers if you’re going to survive the harshest weather conditions.

Running Shoes

If you come face to face with a group of bloodthirsty zombies or a seriously enraged alien then the best course of action will be to run! Of course it will help if you are wearing a suitable pair of running shoes. You’ll stand the best chance of picking up some speed in a pair of trainers featuring sprung platforms. They should also be made from highly durable rubber or leather.

Dancing Shoes

If all else fails then you should use the Will Smith Men in Black tactic and dance with the creatures of the night. You might find that your pursuers are a little more friendly after they realise that you have a shared passion for funky music. You’ll be able to take your own bloody revenge after lulling the murdering interlopers into a false sense of security and you’ll get to see what shapes they throw in the meantime.

Sam Butterworth is a writer and a big fan of footwear. He likes to look good but also appreciates the advantages a solid pair of shoes can give you when faced with an apocalyptic situation – as everyone should!


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