Kara Halderman

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Advanced Practitioner 

I'm a city girl with a hipster heart. Toss me a good pair of shoes + a giant salad and I'm good for the day! Kidding... sorta. 

Growing up I lacked self confidence & sure as hell didn't trust myself. I deemed my body the enemy and spent a lot of time with chronic sinus infections, strep, mono, severe stomach pain and extreme fatigue. My weight fluctuated constantly and was called "thick" by peers in high school. Let me clear things up; I wasn't miserable my whole life and I don't want you to think that. That would be extremely misleading. I was apart of drill team, had a good groups of friends and excelled academically. My health was just....well....awful. I hated my physical body for interfering with life and rebelled against it in any way I could. Drinking, partying and alternating between binging and not eating for a day were normal. 

My first semester of college I ended up leaving to move back in with my parents. My health had declined so much I could no longer take care of myself. This is where I found a paleo-style diet and it completely changed my life. It sparked acknowledgement of the bodies' miraculous ability to heal through food. I followed this passion and enrolled in the Nutritional Therapy Association and as an NTP I help women create their own versions of health through food. 

But something was missing. I felt better, but gained little confidence and kept repeating the same destructive party-girl habits that got me there in the first place. This is where my NLP training comes in. I had been involved with Nuero Linguistic Programming and other self development courses since 11-12 years old. I would go with my Dad and Stepmom to 3 day seminars and about the subconscious, meditation, rapport, mind-altering behavioral techniques and a bunch of other "hippie stuff" as I call it. I knew a lot more about the mind than most teenagers and rebelled out of fear I would be judged. So I wrote it off and forgot about it. Consciously, that is. But just recently when my health hit another wall, I dove back in head first. I'm now a NLP Advanced Practitioner and Master Practitioner in training; and as an adult have a deep respect for what I learned as a teenager. I want to share these tools with you and any others that may inspire you to lead a healthy-thriving life. It's your only one in this earth suit, after all. 


"Prepare the mind and the body will follow"


What's NLP?


NLP is the art of behavioral modification. It provides a blue print to improve communication and relate effectively with others and yourself. It teaches how to adapt to any life situation and navigate with style and elegance. 

Aside from communication skills, NLP teaches behavior modification techniques to reprogram the unconscious. This allows you to align your unconscious mind with what you consciously want, as self sabotage/ old patterns often get in the way of our goals.

The NLP center I attend ties in a spiritual aspect as well. Most NLP centers focus on skills to excel in business and leave out the mind-body-spirit connection. I'm very fortunate to be taught them all together.

If you want to learn more, the center I attend is NLP Learning Systems Dallas. If you're local and interested in learning more send me an email. Send me an email if you want to learn more in general. 



For more Nutrition and Wellness info, listen to my podcast. 



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