Hey there, I'm kara

Don't let these pictures fool you. I'm a no makeup, wannabe Yogi who wears graphic t's. Great, I'm glad that's out there. 

My first memories as a child are ones of being sick, injured, taking medicine or at a doctors office. Not feeling well was engraved in who I was. I remember having to be the kid with an asthma inhaler on school field trips and medicine help up in the nurse's office. Even in  high school nothing really changed. In fact, things only got weirder! My sophomore year I developed a gnarly case of mono that had me bed reddened for months on and off. Doctors then diagnosed me with chronic fatigue and told me "that's just how it is."

After one semester of college I was forced to withdraw because I couldn't keep food down. Nothing I ate agreed with me, I was in and out of the local hospital and on several rounds of antibiotics + steroids. I had hit rock bottom. But moving back home allowed me to look into my health more deeply and doctors soon discovered I had 20+ ulcers in my small intestine. "Just take these drugs" they said "you'll be fine." As you can guess, I wasn't fine. So I turned to Dr. Google for my cure. What I found was the paleo diet; a lifestyle free of grains, legumes, dairy and refined sugar. Within a month I was on the road to recovery.

Even after healing my ulcers through a paleo diet and seeing holistic doctors, problems still seemed to manifest. The chronic fatigue was well....chronic. My weight fluctuated, depression increased, new digestive symptoms surfaced and I developed an eating disorder. I tried raw vegan, AIP, low fodmap, Whals Protocol, GAPS and nothing seemed to get me back to 100%. I just kept falling into the cycle of "sick again, well again," wondering when things would be stable.

How did I finally become healthy?

Before we move on I want to make this clear; food saved my live. Proper nutrition is the foundation of being a thriving human being and I believe Paleo, AIP, Whals, GAPS and other healing diets are incredible. In fact, I recommend them in my coaching everyday. But there was one thing missing that held me back from reaching 100%. 

I was running old, outdated, self-sabotaging movies in my head that kept me sick. And quite possibly, you are too.

As a young girl I was in and out of doctors. At 16 I was programmed to be chronically tired. At 19 I was diagnosed with ulcers and leaky gut. At 22 people told me I had low thyroid. I had been running this film in my head and never bothered to changed the movie. I never believed I was healthy, good enough, smart enough, lovable or worth while. These programs ran my life on autopilot. 

After 22 years I chose to change that. I studied Nuero Linguistic Programming, meditation and energetics to change my brain for good. Simply by uninstalling the thoughts, patters and beliefs that limited my health and replacing them with shiny- new- state of the art beliefs, I hit the jack pot. And YOU can too. I now use these same nutritional and behavior techniques that changed my life to help women like you. 



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