Allow me to introduce my self. I’m Kara and my mission is to help you care about food again!


I have always considered this the hardest part of writing. Tell me to write a story about toad stealing – home invading Martians, no problem. Tell me to write something about me, huh, aaa, hmmm, I am Kara. Yes, I am that talkative when it comes to me-topic. You should see me on job interviews. Did I mention that I am unemployed? Well, now we know why.
So, my name is Kara.

I love delving deeply into new health & wellness information & falling down the research rabbit hole. And I get a charge out of sharing what I learn through the written word.

Proper nutrition fuels our bodies, physical fitness makes us stronger and makeup helps us feel more confident. I hope that through my personal stories, opinions, tutorials and advice I can help women feel more beautiful inside & out!.

Kara Bout It