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amomintraining [ey-mom-in-trey-ning]

1. a female parent.
2. an otherwise confident young woman who is suddenly hit with the unexpected realities of motherhood.

{About A Mom In Training}

Hi! I’m Ashlyn!
Like you, I’m a first time mom who is completely lost when it comes to learning about pregnancy and motherhood stuff. It’s a new chapter in our ever so busy lives, and the lessons learned throughout our journey will be ones we’ll never forget! That’s why when I meet a first time mom, I wanna learn her story and what experiences she’s been through.

I believe in humor and family.
I started A Mom In Training as a way to share my journey with other first time moms who are learning along the way when it comes to pregnancy and motherhood.

I also believe that moms are always in training.
Whether it’s their first or seventh child. There’s always something new to learn about motherhood because each pregnancy and child comes with a different experience. Let’s celebrate it!

Join me on the journey of pregnancy and beyond.
In fact, why not checkout the Resources page to see what goodies I have to offer!

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I love making new friends, especially meeting new moms!

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Some of my hobbies &  interests? Fitness & nutrition, blogging, social media marketing, and spending LOTS of time with my family. Oh, and I’m a HUGE fan of the show Dexter.

What I do for exercise? I love at-home workouts. I’m a huge fan of getting my fitness on at home and encouraging others to do the same to save money from the gym. I love working out with the Nike Training Club app! It has video tutorials to show how a specific workout is performed, it has 4 week challenges based on your needs, and it’s FREE! I also love the Nike+ app to track how many miles I’ve walked/ran.

One thing people are surprised to find out about me? I’ve been 5’7″ since I was 12 years old.

Three things I always have in my fridge: Eggs, milk, and Monster Energy Drinks.

Dream vacation? I’m a huge theme park fan, especially Disneyland. I wish I could go there more often!

When did you know you wanted to start blogging? I actually started a blog back in 2009 on Blogger when a friend of mine shared a link to her blog on Facebook. When I seen that she was blogging about what her family was up to, I immediately knew I wanted to start one, too.

What profession, other than your own, would you like to attempt and why? A world-traveling food critic. Andrew Zimmern has a pretty cool job!

I can’t go a day without… Talking to my husband and hugging my daughter.

Best piece of advice I’d ever received was… If you want to succeed, fail as fast as you can. “I haven’t failed. I’ve found 10,000 ways that doesn’t work.” -Thomas Edison

If my personality could be bottled, what would the label read? May cause excessive laughter. If you experience a smile that lasts in excess of four hours, seek medical attention immediately.

Thanks for stopping by! See you on the blog!

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I’m a writer, new mom and foodie. I love sharing what I know while making others feel beautiful. On this blog, I share my healthy lifestyle, simple meals, fitness tips and experiences.

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