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I didn’t have children so that I would constantly receive thanks and praise from them, but every once and awhile the thankless days get to me. For the most part our days are filled with rewarding moments and cherished memories. I know… barf. Seriously though, most days are great. Yesterday though… was not. It was one blow after the other that just made me feel beaten by the end of the day.

Our day starts at 5am. Because the clock in my room is broken I don’t realize how early it is until I hear my husband come home from work at 6am. We have already been up for an hour. The kids apparently decide they don’t like each other anymore and I have to get out of the shower three times to separate them. My son refuses to get dressed. We have no groceries left. My daughter informs me that she doesn’t want me ‘bugging’ her and that I didn’t make her toast the right way. My son tells me that his lunch isn’t as good as the other kids at school. He demands to know why he doesn’t get cool stuff in his lunch. Sigh.

I get my son off to school, only to realize he has left his gloves in the car. I hurry and bring them to him before the bell rings. He’s annoyed, and its obviously my fault that he forgot them in the car. My daughter and I  get to our scheduled playdate and I have forgotten her blankie. When I leave to go home, I forget her sippy there.

I have a staff meeting to attend at 2:30. I rush from there to pick up my son at school. Phew… I get there just in time. The door opens and he immediately starts screaming hysterically. He wanted his Dad to pick him up. He doesn’t want me. It doesn’t help that all the other parents are witnessing my son’s meltdown. I must be the world’s worst mother.

Jocelyn getting ready for gymnastics… before the meltdown

We eat quickly so that we can get to gymnastics on time at 4:30. We are almost there and my daughter says, ‘I have to poo’. We get there and I rush her to the bathroom. Her hair is a disaster, she must have pulled her pony tails out at home. I rip the elastic out of my own hair and tie hers back. Now I am the disaster. After the class is done, my daughter has the tantrum of all tantrums because she doesn’t want to put her boots and coat on. After a struggle, she does what I call the limp limb maneuver and ends up face planting on the concrete floor. Now I really win mother of the year award. I get the kids in the car with Jocelyn still screaming hysterically. The whole way home I’m grinding my teeth…trying to keep my cool.

We get home and start bedtime. The snack I make is no good. The milk I warm tastes bad. The books I read are boring. My bedtime stories are apparently not fun ones. I say my ‘goodnights’ and ‘I love you’s’. I plop myself down on the couch and think to myself… what a crappy day. In my head I had pictured it going so much differently. I feel beaten and drained.

If you know a mom who’s had a day like this, tell her that tomorrow will be a better day. Every so often it’s almost like we are due for a day that makes motherhood feel like a thankless job. The fact of the matter is, we all have bad days, but its knowing that there are good days on the horizon that keep us going. To all the moms out there that had a ‘thankless day’… you’re doing a great job. On behalf of your kids, ‘Thanks for everything you do.’


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