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A Perfect Day… minus the warm and fuzzy

Our sketch from Chuck E Cheese

So, I was going to write something warm and fuzzy today about motherhood. After my last few posts, I was feeling a little guilty, and worried that perhaps I was implying that I didn’t feel blessed to be a mother. I feel very blessed. I have two wonderful happy healthy children, that radiate their happiness daily. So, there it is… the warm and fuzzy part of my blog post.

I was sitting at McDonald’s today thinking about how I was going to come home and write about how great our ‘spring break’ outing went. I took the kids to Chuck E’ Cheese and then to McDonald’s for cheeseburgers. I was going to write all about how my kids wanted to spend their last four tokens so that they could get four copies of our photo sketched, so that we could all put it on our walls. How’s that for warm and fuzzy?

Then, my perfect afternoon turned very quickly as my daughter decided that she ‘wasn’t going home’ (insert snotty attitude here). Apparently she thought that McDonald’s was the place to be, and that since she was in charge, we wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon. As she launched a french fry across the room and hit an older woman in the leg, I saw my ‘perfect afternoon’ coming to an end. This elderly lady looked at me like, ‘back in the day, children would never behave so poorly’. Well, ‘back in the day’ they also used to whip their children with belts and wooden spoons (which I’m pretty sure she may have kept one on standby in her purse). I remained calm through all this. I fought to get Jocelyn’s coat on and I was ‘that woman’ who left the tray behind on the table. As I was leaving, carrying Jocelyn in a football hold, holding on to her shoes that she had kicked off in one hand, and her coat she ripped off in the other, the woman holding the door open says, ‘You do know it’s pretty cold out, right?’

So, after thinking long and hard… I decided to not write a warm and fuzzy post. I love my kids and the moments we have together. Today we made memories, and the kids will always have that picture they wanted so badly to look back on. But there’s absolutely no reason why I have to ignore the fact that there was a giant dressed up mouse prancing around yelling ‘free tickets’ for the hour and a half we were at Chuck E’ Cheese. I don’t need to pretend that there weren’t way too many unsupervised kids running around pushing me and my little ones if we got in their way. I’m not going to ignore the fact that this poor mother was dealing with her child rolling around on the ground screaming, while she picked up her tokens that had just be launched all over the floor (I did help her out… but was the only one). I’m not going to lie and say that my van door didn’t get stuck because of some stickiness that I really can’t identify.

The moral of the story is that the day doesn’t have to be ‘warm and fuzzy’ to enjoy it. I loved having the day with my kids and the memories we made… but it definitely wasn’t perfect. Today I want to tell all the moms out there that even the most imperfect moments can be the ones your kids remember forever. Oh, and to the woman at McDonald’s that looked like she wanted to beat my kids with a wooden spoon… thanks for reminding me and inspiring me to write about how motherhood isn’t always perfect.


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