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9 Things You Should Know Before Dying Your Hair Pink

I took the plunge and colored my hair pink – entirely pink – around two months ago. The whole thing. Even before I took that big pink plunge, I did a little skinny dipping to test the waters with smaller sections of my hair – you know, the little parts that hang down behind your ears?

Like many others, I was apprehensive about going full-on pink. I was afraid about what my boss would say, if my children would reject me, and if I wouldn’t like it and would have to serve out my sentence as a beauty school dropout for months. Then one day I just went ahead and did it.

While I would love to say to anybody “Go ahead, you should do it!” – I can’t. It’s just not for everybody, but if you think that it might be for you then you might want to read these 9 things to consider first.

9 Things to Consider Before Dying Your Hair Pink

1. It takes a really long time to create.

On a related note – this is NOT something you would want to do by yourself at home. It totally needs to be done by someone who is trained in hair dye and someone who you don’t mind spending at least five hours of your day with. Yes, it takes me at least 5 hours every time I get my hair done. That may seem like a lot, but there are a lot of steps and processes that go in to creating a head full of pink – it’s not just a slap on some color and go type of deal.

2. It won’t look exactly how you imagined it.

Hair is funny like that – and the internet lies. While I have come out with some pretty fantastic color before, it is always a true surprise to me at the end. Hair tends to pull a color differently on every strand – some are darker and some are lighter. Just don’t upset when your color is spot on. However, if you get a color that is way too dark – don’t worry- it typically changes into a new color with just a couple washes.

3. Half of my outfit would clash with my pink hair.

I couldn’t stand wearing orange, yellow, or red any longer. As a result, I needed to purchase new clothing. Which, to be honest, I’m not complaining about. Who needs a reason to buy a new wardrobe? But this isn’t Princess Diaries, and I don’t have an unlimited purchasing budget. So it was a little bothersome that I had lovely clothes that contrasted horribly with my hair!

4. Be prepared for what I call : Shower Shock.

Did you know that you need to wash dyed hair in cold water? That’s what I’m told! So every hair washing day I go from nice warm shower to Ah! That’s Cold. Cold. Cold. Cold! – the things we will do for pink hair.

5. You shouldn’t wash your hair every day.

For some this wont be a problem – for others like me who compulsively need to wash their hair every day, even when they are told that it’s not good for their hair – this WILL be a problem. I do my best to only wash every other day with special shampoo for color treated hair and bought a retro shower cap (Amazon affiliate link) for the other days. The struggle is real ya’ll.

6. What about work environment?

Since due to Covid-19 pandemic, there is not much need to worry about this. But, it’s definitely something to consider now that we’re getting back into the office. Working in a vivid carnation hue is nothing out of the norm in a creative atmosphere, but if your office is more corporate, try going for a more subtle look to avoid infringing any HR dress regulations.

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7. People will ask you if that’s your normal hair color.

Frankly, some people just wont know what to say when you catch them staring at you – it’s a good thing this type of behavior doesn’t bother me. It does start to get old after the tenth or eleventh person – but still, it doesn’t make me upset. I just flash them a big smile back and say “It sure is”.

8. The roots are terrible.

I thought the roots were bad when I went blonde – the roots for pink are so much more noticeable! This is partially because we had to dye my hair super blonde to get the pink to color properly –  so maybe that’s why the roots look even darker.

9. You might actually like it.

There’s the kicker – you might actually like having different colored hair and have to spend the time and money every month to keep it that way! That’s my biggest down fall! I love it!

Is this something you have wanted to do? Do you have dyed hair and have a special trick for keeping it colorful? Tell us your thoughts in the comments. 


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