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8 Tricks to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

Don’t we all have areas in our home that we’d love to be double the size? Unfortunately, the option isn’t always there for us to tear down walls and make the room square footage bigger. We can, however, do it the easier way.

Taking into account some details such as the furniture and the color of the walls, we can make it look more spacious and larger. To achieve this you just have to follow simple tips and tricks to make your small space appear bigger to the eye.

1. Have an Open Area

Having closed off spaces in your small area is not a good idea. You want the room to seem as open as possible. Do not have furniture or decorations blocking the way when someone is looking into the room. Shorter pieces of furniture should be around the room and in the middle so you can view the whole room, and any taller pieces should be along back areas or walls. Built in shelving on the walls and around the perimeter will also help because the middle of the room will stay open and airy.

2. Lighting


Lighting can make a huge difference. If there are windows in your room, you are in luck. The natural light will open up the interior and make it seem larger. If you don’t have any natural light that comes in, there are still other lighting techniques that can be done. Try hanging a bright light fixture from the ceiling or walls.

This will help the room get the light it needs to seem bigger without cluttering the space with more objects on the ground, such as a floor lamp. Also make sure,  You don’t block the different points of light in the room to make the bedroom appear more spacious.

3. Hide The Clutter

It is important to keep your room clean and organized. Now I know this is hard, because things tend to pile up and clutter so fast! But there is nothing that makes a small area feel even smaller than having stuff everywhere! Find dual purposes for things. If you have an ottoman, also use it as a table and/or storage space. Use any bookshelves or cabinets as storage as well. Don’t clutter your walls with a bunch of decor.

Create a focal point in the room so that your eye will be drawn to one area. That area will probably have space around it and be the main thing someone will notice when they walk in. When the eye starts wandering to the rest of the room, make sure the rest of the decor is at a minimum. Too much furniture is not a good thing in these rooms. It is more important to have a few big pieces than many small ones. Also, keep your floors clean! When you can see the floor it makes the room appear to be more spacious.

4. Light Colors

Colors make a huge impact on how your room size is portrayed. For a smaller area to appear larger, use light colors on the walls (and also on the floors). If you want to give light and spaciousness to your room you have to use light tones to paint the walls. Light colors such as white, yellows, grays and light blue make the room look bigger.

Pastels, neutrals and whites are all good color schemes to use. This will make your space feel open. Mixed with natural light or any lighting put into the room, the light colors will open up the space.

On the contrary, dark colors make the room look smaller. But if you are attracted to dark colors and want to paint some corner of your house with them, a good trick is to paint the hallway with a dark color. This way you will accentuate the brightness in the adjacent room and it will look more spacious.

5. Use Multi-function furniture


In the market we can find many fantastic furniture that have dual function, this way we can take advantage of space and keep the room tidy. Even some furniture has hidden storage places, which allows us to have extra spaces that we will appreciate.

6. Paint the furniture with the same color as of wall

This is done to blend the furniture with the walls and make the space look deeper. If our eye does not perceive contrast, it will seem that the room is deeper. And if the furniture is painted the same color as the walls, there will be no contrast.

But, You may not like this idea. Don’t worry, this is not the only way to paint the furniture to make the room look bigger. You can always paint the furniture white. White is the color that reflects the highest percentage of sunlight, so it will make your bedroom brighter and look bigger.

If you have dark wood furniture, or just plain wood furniture, when you paint it white you will notice a radical change. Believe me, you’ll say, “Where did this space come from?

7. Place the furniture in the center

We naturally tend to arrange our furniture along the walls. However, by placing them in the center of a room, they allow the eye to move around them and therefore, create a perspective that will make the room appear larger. In addition, you will be able to establish different zones in the same space. Very practical for open areas!

8. Mirrors

One of the best ideas for a smaller room is to have mirrored closet doors. This doubles your room’s visual square footage. Mirrors work best when you have them from the floor to the ceiling, but if this is not possible you can also add mirrors on your walls for the effect. Either way it still does the same thing: draws light into a room and magnifies the size of it. But be careful not to go wild with large mirrors all around the room. Even decorative mirrors will look great.

Are there any other tips and tricks not listed here that have helped your living or working spaces look bigger?


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