When you google ‘french bulldogs’ unfortunately there are alot of articles out there that talk about all the reasons why you shouldn’t get a french bulldog. Although they are a high maintenance breed they are the most loveable of breeds so today I wanted to share a little bit more about our experience having Simba.


They’re not a breed that you can just leave in the backyard and call it a day
French bulldogs are like children and if you want one it’s best to expect they’ll require alot of your attention especially early on as a pup. The breed is known for being great companion dogs and although we knew that we didn’t realise to what extent. Simba doesn’t leave our side if we are home. That is fine with us but be prepared to have your own little shadow. Simba is about 18 months now and sometimes he’ll venture off on his own and play but for he most part he is with us.


They are LOUD but not how you’d think
French bulldogs don’t really bark, at least we haven’t met one that does yap, but they do make alot of noise. Think farting, snoring, snuffling and snorting just about everything else apart from barking. It’s hilarious.


House training them takes time
I wouldn’t say it’s much longer then your average puppy but they do take a good chunk of your time and energy when it comes to toilet training them. Simba was really determine to wee wherever he liked for a long time but eventually we got there. Be prepared for a long slog and be armed with lots of treats if you’re going to be getting a frenchie! You WILL need them.


Moody but affectionate
They love dogs and want to say hello to any dog they see but they also love showing others who is boss when on the lead. It’s a common trait for bulldogs but once off the lead they’re friendly and just like to wrestle. Simba also really loves kids but he came from a family who had kids and my sisters are young as well so if they grow up around kiddies chances are they’ll love them. They’re also hilarious when you tell them off! Simba will mope around and be depresso for a few hours if he has been put outside for being naughty. It’s normal so don’t stress if your frenchie is sooking they’re just sensitive souls.


They don’t require much exercise
But that’s not to say that they won’t if you take them out. Simba would be lazy if we let him but he also loves his walks. Most days he will go out twice and be absolutely fine. During the dead of winter and summer we tend to choose the best parts of the days to take him out as the breed isn’t great at regulating their body temperature but overall the breed will just adjust their exercise needs to your lifestyle.


They’re expensive
No two ways around it! In Australia they’re an expensive breed that will cost you an arm and a leg to buy. Worth it but be prepared for a hefty price tag. Oh and shop around if you’re seriously thinking of getting one. We opted for travelling to Sydney to collect Simba because they were about $2,000 cheaper then what breeders in Victoria sell them for. Don’t rush the process and do your research on the breeder as there are so many backyard breeders taking advantage of the hype around french bulldogs.






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