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7 Effective Ways to Feel Your Message While Running Your Business

I help you simplify your business, so you have plenty of time to PLAY & spend time with loved ones! As a psychotherapist and lifestyle design coach, I strongly believe in balance to create your life love roadmap. Together, we are combating stress and overwhelm head on, helping you to live the life (and business) or your dreams.

When I first started in business, I felt an overwhelming pull to work at an exhaustive pace, as if I were in a race to “make it.” As hard as I worked, I didn’t feel like I was living my message. As much as I pushed and struggled, I didn’t feel like I was running my business in a way that worked for me.

Even pulling a few all-nighters to get things out didn’t feel authentic in my path. When I slowed down and truly listened to what I wanted and how I wanted to feel in my business and in my life, that’s when I got clarity about my vision going forward. I’m happy to share with you, a few secrets to creating a business and life you love:

7 Best Ways to Live Your Message While Running Your Business

1. Create a Healthy AM routine

Do you often start the morning off checking your emails before you even get out from under the covers? Now is the time to break away from that habit. When we check out emails before we even check-in with ourselves, we rob ourselves of truly living our message. Instead, we allow the tone (and or stress) from our inbox to permeate our day. We start thinking about the stressed out client or upcoming credit card bills before we even think about how we want to feel in our day.

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2. Get Dressed

Yup, I said it. Ditch the days where you haven’t put a bra on until lunch. You don’t have to bust out the pearls and heels but a quick jump in the shower, pony tail, and a fresh outfit will make you feel like the business leader you are meant to be. Whether you have a small operation (think solo) or something that’s growing (a virtual team) getting dressed from head to toe feels good. It feels better than good, it feels empowering, liberating, and helps you to truly tap into doing business in a feminine way.

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3. Phone a friend

One of the biggest mistakes that ambitious women make is trying to solve all the “world’s problems” on the solo. We’re movers, shakers, and change-agents but the truth is, sometimes two heads are better than one. Next time you feel stumped on the new business move to make, a super techy question, or even a life stress that pops up—reach out and touch someone. Whether a sister, coach, friend, or fellow guru, sharing the journey is where the real magic happens.

4. Self Confidence

It is critical that you consider your level of confidence. It is vital to build a strong sense of self-assurance, as well as confidence in people and in your surroundings. Entrepreneurs who wish to thrive must have self-confidence since they will have to complete a series of decisive tasks and make critical decisions that will affect the destiny of their company. The success of these actions will be determined by your level of confidence and assurance in yourself, as well as your ability to attain your objectives.

5. Will Power and Mental Strength

One must have the necessary courage, the physical health to manage fatigue, the mental health to avoid burn-out. Very often, this investment is not perceived as a constraint but as something natural because one is driven by one’s passion, one’s motivation, one’s desire to succeed.

If you’re going into this with the expectation that it will work the first time, you may need to consider revising your expectations. Most successful entrepreneurs have had to make several attempts before they succeed. Do you have the courage to take all those trials, suffer the inevitable failures and reframings, and start over with the same spirit?

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6. Controlling Your Emotions

It concerns the ability of each team member to control his or her own emotions. The absence of control, especially when the initiative is going through a critical moment, could have disastrous repercussions. During the recruitment process, we will try to understand where the candidate is in his or her personal development, if he or she knows the circumstances that increase stress and how he or she manages them.

7. Have Fun

Don’t skip reading this one because you think fun is something you have after you make your first 50k. Fun needs to be infused along the whole experience of running your business. The truth really is that “all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl.” When you spend all of your time behind the computer screen, you miss out on the inspiration that life has to offer. When we are out playing, whether at a park, a yoga class, or even taking the dog for a walk, we find inspiration by looking at the world around us. The inspiration we derive from these experiences allows us to grow our business and our vision.

Time to take action, here’s what to do to start living your message today

First, send out an email to 3 contacts (friend, coach, or relative) to request just 15-30 minutes to connect at least once in the upcoming month. Next, bust open your closet and set aside three outfits that are super easy to wear so there’s no excuses. Task three is not bust out of the office, look for a time in your day where you can lace up your sneakers and just go—head out for a hike, bike, or just a stroll but go get some fresh air at least once a day. Finally, each night before you go to sleep, put your phone on airplane mode, therefore you won’t be tempted by the rings and dings to answer emails as soon as your eyes open.

Capturing your freedom to live a fulfilled life while growing your business is within your grasp! I love to live life by my own set of rules, and you can too.


I’m a writer, new mom and foodie. I love sharing what I know while making others feel beautiful. On this blog, I share my healthy lifestyle, simple meals, fitness tips and experiences.

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