Most of you will know by now when it comes to fashion I’m a quality over quantity type of gal. I’d prefer to buy two dresses I wear on rotation for the summer (with other things obvs) then 5 or more. Today I thought I’d chat about my thought process when spending a little bit more on a day dress.


Consider the colour and print
We’ll start off basic and considering the colouring and print is probably the first thing you’ll naturally do anyway. It’s important to make sure that the colour and print isn’t something you’re going to get bored of easily, especially if you’re only planning of investing in 1-2 dresses for the season!!! If you’ve never before wore a certain colour make sure you look at yourself in all different lights to ensure the colour suits your features. I find prints a little bit harder because I can ‘get over’ things really easily. Smaller prints are generally easier to swallow so perhaps looks at dresses with a finer print first.


And REALLY consider the cut
The dress I’m wearing in these photos is the Steele Sloane Shirt Dress that I bought from local boutique (my fave!) Monalisa The Store. It was I think about $230 so for me that’s a fair hit out on one piece and the cut is completely unique to anything else I own. I actually tried it on 3 times because buying because I wanted to make sure it really was something I wanted and every time I fell a little more in love with the unique yet classic cut. As you all know I’ve lost a fair bit of weight in past year so I really love that it pulls in at the waist because it’s really flattering on me. Make sure you feel awesome in a dress you’re splashing out on so you get as much wear out of it as possible.


Does it suit your lifestyle?
If it doesn’t you won’t wear it so if you’re a granny like me who never goes clubbing don’t spend big on a skin tight party dress. This dress was something I had on my list of things to buy. I wanted something I could wear through spring/summer at my day job (in retail for a children’s store) so it couldn’t be too short but I also didn’t want it to be boring. This is perfect because I can wear it too work but I also would happily wear it out with these delicious Midas Jeremiah Heels. These are the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn and I cannot wait to wear them more as the weather gets warmer.


Look at the properties of the dress
This is where I’m going to sound like a hypocrite because I looked at the properties of this dress and knew I wouldn’t love it because it needs ironing. BUT it was one of the reasons I kept trying it on because I wanted to make sure it was worth having to go through ironing it every time I washed it haha… Classic girl move right? But honestly know your properties and materials what works for you and what doesn’t because otherwise you may wash an item and then hate the way it feels or the upkeep!


Is a trend piece?
My rule with trend pieces is if I’m going to buy a trend piece will I wear it even when the trend passes. If the answer is yes then I don’t mind the spend but if I’m unsure then I look for a cheaper alternative. For instance my Senso Riley Heels I always wear even though they were ‘trendy’ two or three seasons ago. I LOVE the style so I don’t care that they’ve passed. Either invest in classic items or trend pieces you’re totally in love with and can see suiting your personal style for years to come.


Are you comfy in it?
Does it make you feel amazing? Could you take a nap in it? Will you want to wear it everyday to make you feel amazing? Don’t buy things you’re not 100% sure on. Buys things you want to wear!

What I’m wearing:  Steele Sloane Shirt Dress |  Midas Jeremiah Heels | Sportsgirl Bag (not current) 

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What do you think of this outfit? Do you usually invest in everyday pieces?

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