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6 Reasons Why Food Is The Best Way To Experience Culture

Many people choose to learn about a new culture while travelling by enjoying a cuisine culture experience. This way is indeed different from coming to museums, national monuments, and archeological ruins. The cuisine itself can be the dominant method for cultural immersion and discovery, reflecting the cultural traditions relating to specific regions.

Trying new foods from a foreign nation allows you to gain a true sense of what it’s like to live there. Food is used to pass down various ingredients, meals, and flavors, all of which contribute to a country’s culture. Experiencing new cuisines is a certain method to gain a deeper understanding of the history and traditions of the place you’re visiting.

As the interest in cultural experiences and unique culinary becomes popular, we want to suggest six typical reasons for the culinary travel as follows:

6 Grounds of Cuisine Culture Experience in Traveling

Insider Access

Nowadays, travelers are more attuned and savvy to all opportunities of actually immersing themselves in a plenty of new destinations. And the best way to do this is the incredible culinary journeys. You can come out of the general way to search for the extraordinary and exciting experiences which are not available to all people.

Joining the food tours on the street, having dinners in some royal homes, or riding vintage Vespas on streets are some examples of insider experiences. If you have a chance to go to the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, do not forget to visit its weekly market together with your donkey like the locals. Otherwise, enjoying iced tea with some local families in their homes and participating in several classes of exclusive cooking with the celebrity chefs are also worth to try.

Culinary Travel off the usual path

Traditionally, culinary travel was associated with famous destinations such as France, Spain, and Italy. However, you can enjoy your cuisine culture experience to more fantastic and exotic destinations. When scouting suitable targets to provide your tours, you should seek to look for path regions and countries which offer superb cuisine cultural experiences.

You can accurately search for the Culinary Tours which bring all travelers the opportunity to immerse in the culture of a particular country through its cuisine. Therefore, you will enjoy an entirely different and unique trip compared to others.

Authentic local Connection

Culinary travel rightly takes you into the beautiful scene with mixology and cooking courses, insider market trips and dining experiences in gardens. Such trips can spark the close connection with the local culture and people. In a group with a few members, you belong to an exclusive community who loves the food and cooking task. So, you can develop relations while visiting local families for meal and tea, learning recipes from several local chefs, or joining some cooking classes.

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No matter where you are in the world, food is one thing that draws people together. Food brings friends and families together, whether it’s for a big occasion or an evening dinner. Restaurants, cafes, and bars are gathering areas for all members of a community, and they welcome everyone. By visiting one of these locations, we are also engaging in a significant cultural tradition.

As a matter of fact, the cuisine culture offers the unparalleled and unique view of our life. By joining these tours, the travelers will interact with lots of locals during meals, cooking classes, markets, farm trips, as well as other unique and special cultural activities.

Awakening your food senses

When you notice the faint aroma of a particular food which you tried on your vacation, it instantly reminds you back of that great trip. For example, the Argentinian Malbec makes me think of my moments in Mendoza. Besides, the lime and galangal have the distinct smell to refer to the cooking class I took for three days in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Even the big corn’s sight may get you excited and bring the flashback of the intense Peruvian flavors of food.

While trying new dishes in a strange country is exciting, trying a food you’ve had before and discovering an entirely new flavour in it is even more so. Foods from other countries have so much more taste than food from the United States. For example, mozzarella cheese from Italy has far more flavour than mozzarella from your local supermarket. It may appear that you are experiencing a new dish for the first time because the flavour and texture are so dissimilar.

Food is so powerful that it can shape our journey as well as define our memories. With this essential life part, we may enhance our food senses as well. Without the delicious cuisine, you may not take any authentic culture experience.

Valuable Cooking Instruction

Taking a local cooking class is a good way to learn their extraordinary cuisine from the experienced local chef. It is the great way for you to engage deeply in the epicurean tradition as well. By this way, you have not only the great cooking time but also bond with local people, especially the chef. You can work together with the fellow guests and travel companion to create the tasty meal.

However, sharing your particular and useful skills with family and friends back home should be the extra treat. It continues to link you with the cuisine culture experience, even after the trip ends.

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Delicious recipes

Some people usually avoid local street food in traveling because of the hygiene concern. But you may miss out a lot of amazing things in your destination if you refuse the local cuisine. I indeed question whether a traveler may experience the authentic and real side of the culture without trying the food.

Overall, what do you imagine of Thailand without the Pad Thai plate, China without the Dim Sum dish, Canada without its poutine, Mexico without the typical street tacos? You may not see the full picture of the particular culture without experiencing the local cuisine, don’t you think?


In short, culinary travel grew rapidly and turned out to be quite popular in recent years. Many travelers, including me, took the eating habit while traveling. Until then, we gain the limitless benefits from our cuisine culture experience on the ride. I honestly just shared with you a critical lesson to be learned during a journey. No matter what an adventure takes you, food should lay in the center of your trip. So, what is your upcoming culinary destinations for your travel next year?


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