6 Back To School Tips

I may be a new mom, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to prep myself for the (very near!) future!

Aria will be a year old in November {OMGGG} and sometimes I catch myself thinking about what it will be like when I prep her for her first day of Kindergarten.

What kind of backpack will she want? What will she wear for her first day of school? Will she want her lunch bag to match her backpack?!

I know. Totally important questions for Kindergarten, right? Totally.

Anywho, I found some pretty wonderful back to school tips from all over the web and wanted to share them with you!

  •  Get back in the groove. Two weeks before school starts {or during the first week of school if school has already started}, get everyone back into the habit of eating dinner at the usual weeknight time, and going to bed early. Start the kids off by getting ready for bed 20 minutes before their usual school-night bedtimes to ease them back into the swing of things. Now is a good time to get meal planning back together. Check out this post for a list of 20 meals, complete with a loaded grocery list and weekly menu planner!


  • Establish the rules for the new school year. Hold a family meeting and discuss your expectations about morning routines, chores, homework, playtime, and having friends over during the school year. Also let them know about any rules regarding electronics including iPads and Xboxes. Make this meeting a positive experience so that it will encourage your kids to abide by the new rules!


  • Let them pick out their Back To School clothes. I remember the days when my mom used to take my sister and I shopping at Sears to get us a few new clothes for the new school year. My sis and I used to plan which clothes we were going to wear on the first and second days of school. It was so exciting! Allow your kids to pick which outfits they wanna wear to build up the excitement of returning to school!


  • Set goals for each child and celebrate with them. Ask each child individually what they want to achieve during the new school year. Good grades? Learn a new language? Learn to play the ukulele? Make new friends? Develop a visual plan about how they can reach their goals and celebrate each milestone they reach throughout the year! This helps ease any anxiety they have about going back to school, and helps you learn what their interests {and issues} are. I love to use planners like this Frozen one here because there are cute pages that encourage creativity to make it fun to plan out and reach goals!


  • Designate a special place for homework. Pick a spot in your home that will be designated only for homework studies. Prepare it before school starts by ensuring that it’s clean, organized, and well stocked with the instruments they’ll need for the year~ pencils, erasers, notebook paper, calculators, markers, and glue. I totally wish I had this cute set of Hello Kitty notebook paper when I was in school! I would’ve felt like the cool kid.


  • Plan an End of Summer Celebration! The week before school starts {or the first weekend of school if school has already started}, plan a fun getaway with the kids to celebrate the end of summer! This will not only take away any back-to-school blues that your kids might feel, but will kick off the start to a new school year on the right foot! Head out to the beach for a picnic and sand castle contests, or a waterpark, or even some indoor trampoline fun!

Is there anything I missed?

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