5 Sitting Positions That Reveal Much More About You Than You Thought

Did you know that your sitting position tells a lot about who you are and your intentions? At least, that’s the word from a number of psychologists that have studied body language. According to these psychologists, your sitting position is an unconscious action that comes from your subconscious part of the brain. And, it’s this subconscious aspect that holds your inner desires and wishes.


Position A

There are many people who often sit in this position who live by the perception that if something happens, that something will resolve itself. This is a hit-or-miss approach to life. When the problem doesn’t resolve itself, the problem is then directed to somebody else.

These folks are extremely easy to talk to – they’re not boring and are tremendously creative. However, they are a bit childish. They often speak off their cuff, without thinking about the consequences until after the fact.

Position B

People sitting in this position are regarded as dreamers. They have an active imagination, dreaming of all kinds of things they want. People regarded these folks as being the heart of a company. They don’t bore people with their endless array of great ideas. They love to travel and easily make friends wherever they go.

They can’t wait for Monday to arrive or a new year to begin so they can start new chapters.  They tend not to think before they start something. It’s normal to change something about themselves without fear of consequences – new city, new company, new relationship, new appearance, etc.

Position C

Position C sitting people are more about comfort. They don’t spend weekends at the mall or creating the perfect look. They do spend time looking at the best possible cream or perfume. When it comes to clothing, they’re quite picky. They like the idea of what people call “chaos,” but they see as logical. They can find everything they need even with their eyes closed.

The biggest flaw they have is their utter lack of focus – the inability to concentrate on tasks for an extended period of time.  It’s not uncommon for them to move from one conversation to another without finishing the original topic.

Position D

People sitting in this position despise lateness – in themselves and others. They are highly intellectual, bright and sensitive. They are a peaceful bunch – opting for a negative peace over fighting. They’re not comfortable with showing public displays of affection.

People who sit down with their legs cross, relying on an entire foot tend to be direct – perhaps a little audacious. They’re also very neat.

People who sit in this position but raise the upper portion of their foot, using their heels tend to retrain themselves but ready to fight anybody. To them, the world is not a friendly place, and their home is their shelter from the outside world. They get defensive when someone makes an objection for them.

Position E

People who sit in the E position don’t typically rush into things. If they get married, they’re not rushing to have kids. They first focus on their careers. They operate under the assumption that everything has a time and everything has a place.

They’re known to be persistent, although many see it as pure stubbornness. They hurry to complete their goals. These folks are ambitious, which allows them to focus on making their dreams become a reality.

E sitting position folks feel strongly about their appearance, taking great care of themselves to create the perfect look. They have a minute insecurity of themselves and can objectively accept criticism, especially friendly ones that can help them to be better.


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