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5 Effective Ways to Organize with Friends

Perhaps you already have an idea of how you want to organize things or how long you want the process to take. However, you are missing in one area: motivation. That’s when your friend would come in handy. For all of your organizational requirements, she can be your accountability partner.

One of the most effective strategies to jump-start your organizing ambitions is to find a “inspiration partner.” Having a friend to hold you responsible, much like having a workout partner, is a terrific method to ensure that your assignments are completed. Make a bet with your incentive partner, such as going to a concert or seeing a movie together, where the first person to complete their project or goal gets exempt from paying.

I want to share with you 5 Ways to Organize With Friends. At least one of these five ways is sure to get you motivated.

Make Organizing a Game

At the beginning of every week tell each other what your organizing goals are for that week. Here is an example: both of you write down ten 15 minute organizing tasks you plan to accomplish. Check in throughout the week to see where you both are and see if either of you need a bit of encouraging. At the end of your week, see how each of you did. Do this every week for a month, at the end of a month treat yourselves to an afternoon activity together. Then, begin your next month of doing the same thing.

To be successful in any plan, project, or life in general, you must begin with a clear, defined, and attainable aim, vision, or objective. Unless you’re looking for awe and adventure, the most vital aspect of a travel is having a goal in mind.

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Make a Plan Together

Get together with your friend at the end of the month with your calendar, a pencil, and paper in hand. Making a list of everything that needs attention in your house. Don’t worry about the order, just write. Write until you have gone through every room in your house, you have thought about your car, your yard, everything.

Once you have made a list of everything, break your list down by property. Maybe you need to put stars by the most important things. If you have enough stars for the month, prioritize them by importance and begin filling out your calendar. Once you have everything written down in your calendar, it will be a lot easier to make an organizing plan.

The benefit of the digital era is that you can always find someone on Facebook or by doing some Internet research, but wouldn’t it be good to not have to do it all of the time? When you want to recognize a milestone — or just be a better friend — taking a few minutes to try a new app or update calendars and addresses may save you a lot of time.

Do the Pinterest Thing Together

Pinterest is absolutely amazing, is it not? There is a ton of information on Pinterest. In addition to being able to save posts and use them as reference in the future, some other neat things about Pinterest is you can shares boards with people so you both can pin to that one board. You can actually go even further than that and have secret boards with people where no one else in the Pinterest world can see what you are pinning.

For organizing with your friends you can create a board, whether secret or not, and put all your organizing pins in one place. That way you can refer to that board whenever you are looking to begin a new organizing project.

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Organize Together

Another great way you can organize with your friend is do it together. This works better on the bigger projects than it does the smaller 15 minute projects. Set aside a day to work on an area that really needs your attention and you are not wanting to go it alone. Your friend may not be able to help you go through some of the more sentimental items, but she can help with a lot of other things. Just don’t forget to return the favor once she has helped you.

An Encouraging Friend

Or, maybe you want to have a friend be there for you, however, not in the physical sense. Maybe you just want to know you can call your friend if you need to. Tell your friend what you are trying to do and ask if they can be your support. That alone can be motivation enough. I have a friend I would give suggestions to about organizing, but we weren’t at the same place when it came to organizing. She would listen and ask questions, but it wasn’t until I started blogging about organizing that she was able to begin and start at her own pace without me being down her throat about it. And, now when she calls I get to hear about how far she has come.

You may supply clarity to colleagues that they will never have when it comes to their own affairs. Your unbiased perspective permits you to ask the proper questions without being emotionally invested in the meaning of an object. You can offer remarks like politely asking “Are you really going to wear this again?” or “You already have three of them.” to assist make choosing a bit simpler.

The point of having a friend to talk with about your goals is so you have someone who is going to hold you accountable on those days when you are lacking motivation. Organizing Alone or with a friend? Having a partner in crime can make the task of organizing a lot more fun. They can be your sounding board for your ideas. Just remember if someone helps you, return the favor and help them as well.

Do you have a friend in mind you would like to do one of these things with? Which one are you looking at doing with her? I would love you to leave a comment below and let me know.


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