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5 Different Stages of Baby Teething

Teething baby is considered as the major breakthrough, in the course of baby development. The time of teeth development is quite for one baby to another. Many children go through pain during the teeth development process but still some of the parents remain helpless. It’s the responsibility of the parents to understand the physical changes and take proper remedies to overcome it.

  • The discomfort in the teeth can start even before the teeth starts developing. When you baby is born with the set of 20 teeth that’s hidden under the gums. Before they erupt, you must identify and the feel the indications of teeth just through running your fingers inside baby mouth.
  • When your baby is of 7-12 months old, front four teeth starts developing from the gums. These set of teeth are known as incisors. The upper two teeth come first, though these teeth look very cute but still its hurts a child.
  • The first set of molar teeth emerges when you child is of 19 to 19 months old. These first set of molar teeth, they just lie behind the canine teeth.
  • Its somewhere between 16 months to 2 years, the canine teeth starts emerging and the molar teeth lie behind the canine teeth.
  • The second set of molars they usually emerge at the last. Second set of molars they start developing at the age of 24 months to 36 months of the age. These set of teeth are considered to be the largest set of teeth. During the development of these teeth, some children find it very painful.

During every stage, for teething baby you need number of different things in order to sooth the discomfort in the teeth. Hot cooling gums in each stage of teeth development provide great relief.

Baby teething symptoms

One of the most common teething baby symptoms are little rise in the temperature, irritation in the teeth. You baby finds it very difficult to chew and eat food, redness around gums. These problems are quite common and go away within 3-5 days as the teeth appear.

  • Teething fever

Teething fever has become the most common symptom. Slight rise in the temperature are often considered as the teething fever. If your child is suffering from high fever, it wise advised to consult a pediatrician for complete check up of your baby.

  • Diarrhea

Development of teeth doesn’t cause diarrhea, the child who has started with the development of child pick and eat things from the ground. This is the reason for the infection in the teeth and leads to problem in the stomach.

  • Diaper and the drool rash

Unlike that of the stomach problem, diaper and the drool rashes appears when the child teeth starts developing. These things are not the symptoms of teething but are result of teething. During the development of the child teeth, excess amount of saliva is secreted that settles on face and leads to rashes on face. There is nothing to worry with these rashes; these rashes can be easily avoided.


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