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3 Steps to Create Affirmations for Meaningful Adventures

Affirmations are intimately linked to your deepest wishes, truth, heart, and soul. All you have to do now is find out how to turn your desire into affirmations, which I’ll show you how to do here. You can make affirmations for anything once you understand how to make them: love, profession, money, health, abundance, romance, and travel. Whatever I’ve wanted to bring into my life has always seemed possible to me. Despite my ego’s reservations regarding potential, I am confident that the cosmos gives abundant opportunity.

Affirmations can help you tap into this abundance and align with it. While living in Chicago, I utilized them to find a life and travel companion as well as a significant career opportunity. Both of these experiences confirmed for me that affirmations work. That they allow ourselves to be aligned with what we truly desire, and that whatever we want can become ours, as long as we keep our minds elevated and focused on what we intend to create.

Whatever you feel needs attention in your life…

Whatever you want to manifest…

Whatever you want to generate some positive energy towards…

…There’s an affirmation for that.

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You can either write affirmations yourself, or refer to ones that are already written. Louise L. Hay is one of the most well-known affirmation creators of all time. Her books are a delight to look at and you finish them feeling GOOD. Pinterest is chock full of beautiful affirmation graphics and you can also find physical affirmation cards if that’s what you dig.

For me, I use a combination of hand-written affirmation cards using pretty card stock and craft paper. I use affirmations to give any of my travel, life, and abundant desires a boost.

Here are three examples of some of my ‘I am’ affirmations:

  • I am good at connecting with others over travel – locally, online, and internationally
  • I am inspired and inspiring others to make their mark in the world by traveling with intention and practicing compassion
  • I am a writer and speaker, sharing my voice, passion, and enthusiasm for traveling with meaning

These are three thoughts I wanted to remind myself of daily – to add a boost to my inspiration and confidence. I tend to recite them out loud, but you can also read them to yourself. The goal is to create something that resonates with your truth and embrace it when you feel like you need a reminder.

Here are three steps to create your own affirmations for meaningful adventures in the world. Grab a piece of paper and join along to create your own.

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Step One:

At the top of your paper, write ‘I am’.

‘I am’ are the two most powerful words in language. Everything that comes after these two words will shape your reality. They can either be used to create something amazing, or they can be used to deter you from your truth – they are that powerful. The purpose of affirmations is to create something positive and empowering.

You will notice not all affirmations are ‘I am’ statements, but because of the power of these two words, I prefer myself to frame my affirmations around them.

Step Two:

Next to your ‘I am’ statement at the top of your paper, include a phrase of what you intend to create. It might look something like this:

I am traveling around the world with my best friend and travel partner for three months in 2016.

I am walking El Camino de Santiago during the fall of 2015.

I am writing about my experiences consistently in my blog to inspire others to travel with intention and make the world a better place.

Or, it can be as simple as:

I am a long-term traveler.

I am dedicated to making the world a better place through travel.

I am inspired and inspiring others to travel with intention.

Affirmations are intended to create a positive, inspiring reality, so whatever follows the ‘I am’ includes a positive statement that is specific. If you’re feeling up for it, you can also include a specific time you want to receive something from the universe.

We aren’t time traveling, but we are aligning ourselves with the adventure we truly desire. We anticipate it within this exact moment as if it was already ours; however, not every affirmation needs to have a specific date. Only add one if you feel that is what you need to work towards a specific goal. If it feels too constricting, leave it out. You will know what works for you.

Step Three:

Add “or, something better.”

I learned this reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. Sometimes the universe has even bigger plans, adventures, and experiences awaiting us. All we have to do is align and allow for it to happen. You may intend to go to Spain next year, but a more exciting opportunity to travel to Thailand might come up. If you feel like this phrase fits with your affirmation and you feel good about it, add it to the end.

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Some Gentle Reminders…

Being aware of your desires is the first step in creating meaningful adventures with your life. You know exactly what you need. YOU are the expert on you. Only follow what resonates with you.

If you aren’t sure about the type of meaningful adventure you want to take yet, or you’re overwhelmed by the opportunities in the world (and yes, there are a lot of amazing, inspiring ones!), do a free write. Ask a question at the top of a blank page and allow whatever answers come. Keep writing until you’ve found “it”. Uncover your truth. It is there and you’ll know it when you see it.

I am, I am, I am.

You are a magnificent being of light. One that has so much to offer, so much love to share, so much inspiration to spread.

This is your life.

You have this experience to enjoy and share all the good that you possibly can.

With each affirmation you write, you align yourself closer to your truth.


You align yourself faster with your departure date for your meaningful adventure.

Right on.


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