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23 Things Only Pregnant Women Understand

A pregnant woman is like a volcano poised to erupt, a pressure cooker about to explode, a powder keg on a hot stove, as everyone who has already had a kid knows.

The only saving grace is that she won’t be able to run out and beat you up because you aren’t taking care of her as well as she believes you should. And, as a heads-up to the neophytes, this small wonder of life only lasts 9 months. Including weekends, that’s nearly 275 days of hormonal joy.

1. The true meaning of exhaustion.

2. Morning sickness is a lie. It’s also known as noon and night sickness.

3. Swollen feet occurs when you’re just minding your own business.

4. Crying when the one item you went to the store for isn’t in stock.

5.The reason why animal shelter commercials make you cry.

6. Crying for no reason just because it feels good.

7. Putting the cereal box in the fridge. Or the TV remote.

8. Feeling extremely excited yet terrified at the same time.

9. Wondering how you’re supposed to “mow the lawn” when you can’t even see it anymore…

10. Having to pee every 10 minutes.

11. Waking up twice a night to pee.

12. What it’s like to unintentionally pee a little when you sneeze. Or cough.

13. How a foot massage can make your entire day better.

14. The feeling of hiccups from the inside.

15. How amazing it feels to love someone you haven’t even met yet.

16. How amazing it is that you’re actually creating a human being.

17. What’s it’s like to waddle like a penguin without even trying.

18. Shoes that seem to have shrunk overnight.

19. Not being able to bend down anymore. It’s all about squatting now.

20. Wondering if you’ll poop when you give birth.

21. Realizing the importance of fiber in your diet every day.

22. How strong the emotional bond already is with your unborn baby.

23. Even before I realized I was pregnant, my boobs were sore, firm, and uncomfortable. I was dizzy and sick just by something grazing my nipple. I had to give up all underwire bras for the time being.

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Pregnancy is normally a joyous time for women, but it may also be depressing. It’s critical to be alert if this sensation becomes overwhelming. Hormonal changes might make women feel jittery during pregnancy. They have a stronger reaction to everything, are more sensitive, and are more prone to self-doubt. “These emotions are normal, but there are some warning flags to look out for.

“If the expectant mother is depressed, crying a lot, losing her appetite, and losing interest in her loved ones and activities, she should see a doctor. This could be a symptom that you’re depressed “The psychologist cautions. Around 10% of pregnant women suffer from depression, ranging from mild to severe.

A pregnant woman is a bit like Gremlins after sunset. If the fridge is empty by the time your lady gets to it, the wrath of Zeus is likely to descend upon your frail shoulders. So ask your lady to list those culinary preferences and make sure you never run out. Or you’ll find yourself looking for vanilla yogurt at an Avia gas station across town at two in the morning.


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