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Friday night, when it was time to get ready for bed, my youngest was told to go brush her teeth. She seemed to want to do anything but brush her teeth. She slowly walked down the hall and instantly became distracted by a toy in the hallway and started playing with it. I asked her again to please go brush her teeth. Once again, she started towards the bathroom and then stopped at the door which has a mirror on it and decided to pretend she was “acting” out a princess scene to the mirror.

I patiently waited and then asked her again to please go brush her teeth. She finally made it into the bathroom this time and got her stool out and stood on it. She turned on the water and there must of been something stuck in the drain because the water got stopped up and quickly filled the sink. She giggled and started splashing her hands in the sink. I sighed and asked her to not play in the sink because she would have slippery hands and might fall off the stool. She continued to ignore me until I finally raised my voice and told her that she needs to stop doing that because it was dangerous to play on the stool and please brush her teeth.

She finally stopped and said, “FINE!” and slammed her wet hands down on the sink. With that, the stool went backwards and of course her wet hands could not stop her and neither could I because I wasn’t close enough to do so.

Down she went, face first on the counter and then backwards onto the floor. I swooped her up and then saw the blood come from her mouth. After handing her to my husband because I freak out over any blood coming from any part of my children, we discovered she had bit her cheek and left a big gash on her face with a fat lip also. Of course I was out of first aid supplies and after we decided that she probably didn’t need stitches, we ran over to Walmart and picked up a box of those butterfly band aid things. We bandaged her up and her dad called her Rocky and sent her to bed.

The next day, this is what she looked like.

The photos make it look better than it was. She still has a fat lip and the gash is right on the crease of her mouth which may be a good thing, I don’t know. I just hope it doesn’t scar.

I forgot to mention that right after her mishap, I told her, See? If you would’ve listened to me you wouldn’t of got hurt.

The rest of the weekend, whenever she was misbehaving or doing something that could potentially get her hurt, I would bring up how I was right and she should listen to me. This worked like a charm and I didn’t have to yell a million times, “Don’t do that, you might get hurt!” Nope. I only had to say it once and give her a look and she would stop. I plan on using this to my advantage for as long as it works. It’s my right as a mom to do so-it’s in the mom manual you know.

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Being a mom and owner of several businesses, I can clearly label myself as busy. Alot of times, I find myself searching for a better way to balance everything so that everyone is happy and everything gets done right. The pressures bring guilt, exhaustion, confusion and even anger. I know I’m doing the best that I can, but I still feel that there has to be a better way to balance life.

After reading

The Momnificent! Life

, by coach, speaker and author Lori Radun, I now can find that happy medium. The Momnificent! Life shows you a way of balance that involves your inner and outer lives to help you be the best you can be. This book is all about self-discovery and it covers eight aspects of your inner life:

-Personal Development


-Fun and Enjoyment


-Health and Aging

-Personal Finance

-Career and Profession

-Home and Family

Lori has fantastic advice for all moms attempting to do it all! At the end of each segment, readers are invited to do assignments that help exercise what was learned I suggest that you do these assignments shortly after reading the segment so it is fresh in your mind. This is not just another self help book in my opinion, but a manual of how to keep your life in mental order. I recommend this to any mom that needs help with balancing her life!

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I don’t usually post about the latest news, but I just had to today. You see, two “symbols” of my child/teen years died yesterday. The same day. Both of them. I’m sure you probably know who I’m talking about- Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. When I first checked Yahoo in the morning, I kept seeing Farrah’s face as their main story. At first I didn’t even read the article and just went about my business- Yes, I can be oblivious of things right in front of my face like that. Finally, I happened to glance over at the title of the story and about freaked. FARRAH IS DEAD. What?? I knew that she was sick but I had watched her documentary and cheered her on that she would get better. After all, she was Farrah Fawcett. I loved her on Charlie’s Angels. I had her hair cut (still do kind of) and even had one of those doll heads that you can do up their hair and put makeup on their face. Now, she is gone and it makes me sad. A piece of my childhood has gone with her.
THEN, if that wasn’t enough, Micheal Jackson dies too?? What is up here, people? Not that I agreed with his actions the last ten or so years, but memories of his Thriller video bring me back to my teens and going to the mall arcade. We didn’t have cable out where we lived and they had this projector looking machine where you could put in some quarters and it would play MTV videos. Thriller was my favorite. I would play that one all the time.
Earlier this week, Ed Mcmahon had died too. They say that celebrities go in threes and this time it was quick. I hope that buys Patrick Swayze a little time-another actor that brings memories of growing up too.
You two will be missed.


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