20 Useful Housekeeping Tricks


1.    Remove stickers using hair dryer.

2.    In order to bring faded colors back to life, add ¼ to ½ cups of lemon juice to your laundry detergent.
3.    Warm water with a spoonful of mustard will help remove unpleasant scent from storage containers.
4.    Get some benefit out of old and seemingly useless items – use ripped pantyhose to dust decorative candles.
5.    Use rice to clean out stubborn stains in vases and bottles. Simply pour in some rice and add warm water and soap, then shake.
6.    Your glasses won’t break in the washing machine if you secure them with rubber band.

7.    Use rubber gloves to remove pet hair from furniture – simply stroke the surface with a damp glove, and it will attract all the hair.
8.    It’s best to wash parsley and other similar vegetables in salted water.
9.    Tools made for removing seams can also be used to clean your vacuum.
10.    Shoe polish can improve the look of old furniture.
11.    In order to get rid of oil on your hands, dilute some sugar in a glass of water and use it to wash your hands.
12.    Use your old electric toothbrush as a grout line cleaner.
13.    Revitalize your linoleum by polishing it with toothpaste.
14.    Use coffee filters to wipe computer monitor and TV screen.
15.    Lemon juice can remove stains from wooden and plastic cutting boards. Simply squeeze out some lemon juice on top of the dirty surface and leave on for 20 minutes.
16.    Laundry bag can also be used to wash baby bottles in the dishwasher.
17.    Use lint roller to clean cloth lampshade.
18.    To remove stickers from mirrors, apply some mayo, then use a flexible spatula to get the sticker off.
19.    It’s easy to clean your coffee grinder! All you need to do is grind a handful of rice inside, remove it and wipe with dry towel.
20.    A mix of vinegar, salt, and flour can clean bronze. Simply apply and rub, then rinse and wipe dry.



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