18 Awesome Christmas Gifts & Stocking Stuffers for Men

Ladies, I don’t know about you, but for all that men are supposed to be uncomplicated, I sure have a hard time shopping for them. Do you?

Well, have no fear – today I’m sharing a great list of gifts for men that have been thoroughly vetted by my own husband, Tony! We went through the interwebs and compiled some of the manliest gifts around…all to save the women of the world the mental anguish and heartache of trying to get the perfect gift for that special ‘him’.

We’ll start with ones to buy, and then move onto the homemade!

1. Beard Grooming Kit

A treat for the bearded man in your life… You will be surprised at all the specialized equipment there is to groom a beard – and your bearded gentlemen will be able to look his best! And there isn’t a razor in sight.

Where to buy a beard grooming kit

2. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This one is on the top of Tony’s personal list… A sound system that you can actually take with you anywhere. The modern-day boom box that syncs to your phone for a minimalist, and pretty darn cool way to play music.

Where to buy a portable bluetooth speaker

3.  Buck Knife & Sharpening Stone

I mean, how manly can you get?  Especially useful for the outdoorsy, handy man, but this is one gift that works for almost every man.

Where to buy a buck knife

Where to buy a sharpening stone

4. Pipe & Tobacco Stand

For the pipe smoker in your life, this is a really attractive way to organize pipes and tobacco. The alternative, *ahem*, is rather cluttered. One would assume, of course.

Where to buy a pipe and tobacco stand

5. Pipe Tobacco

A sampler of pipe tobacco is a fun gift, especially for a new pipe enthusiast. This is a great way to try out a variety of tobaccos. A great stocking stuffer!

Where to buy pipe tobacco

6.  The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss

If he hasn’t read this already, chances are – he will love it. I haven’t met a man who hasn’t enjoyed this series – there are two books out right now, with a horde of fans awaiting the release of the third.

Where to buy The Kingkiller Chronicles

7. TV Series

I know it’s kind of old school to give someone a dvd…but there’s just something about getting that package in your hand – you know what I mean? Pick a manly television series – and give him the first season in his stocking! We’re giving my dad the first two seasons of Justified this year – Tony and I love this show, it’s like a modern-day Western, and Timothy Olyphant is such a cowboy. I also recommend Longmire and Sons of Anarchy.

Where to buy Justified

8. Personalized Bottle Opener

How about a handmade, monogrammed bottle opener? This is a great stocking stuffer option – and a great conversation piece at your next get-together!

Where to buy a bottle opener

9. Meat Sticks

Need I say more? What man doesn’t like meat sticks? Splurge on a great quality, sustainably raised product to put in his stocking!

10. Beer Soap

Yes…beer soap. Handmade with quality ingredients, one of which is beer! Talk about a nifty stocking stuffer!

Where to buy beer soap

11. Liquor

I remember the first time Tony spent Christmas with my family – and he got mini bottles of liquor in his stocking! His world would never be the same… And my mother solidified herself as the most amazing woman ever. Mini bottles are great for the stocking, but how about getting him a variety of liquors (in full-size) to stock an amazing liquor cabinet?

Now let’s talk Homemade Gifts!

12. Jerky

The quintessential man-gift! Protein-packed, portable…and meaty. Here’s a great recipe for homemade jerky!

13. Love Butter

You heard me… Love Butter. We’ve already talked about how toxic personal lubricants are – and here’s a great homemade alternative that tastes great, too! Make this fun gift your sweetie: Chocolate Mint Love Butter.

14. Shaving Cream & Aftershave

How about this Uplifting Eucalyptus-Peppermint Shaving Cream… It’s surprisingly easy to make, and makes a great stocking stuffer. Here’s another shaving cream recipe, with an aftershave!

15. DIY Beard Oil

Homemade beard oil is actually super easy to make, and it just takes a couple days to sit and meld before using – so a great last-minute gift.

16. Beer Glasses

How cool are these DIY beer glasses? Surprisingly easy, and quick to make! Just get some of your honey’s favorite beer bottles, and get to it!

17. Cologne

Did you know that it’s actually really easy to make cologne? Here’s a super simple cologne recipe, that you can customize!

18. Massage Oil

You can make your own massage oil by combining a carrier oil with your choice of essential oils – so easy! Just package it in a cute little jar and hand it over to your hubby with a wink and a smile…

And there you have it! Some Holiday gift-giving inspiration, from our house to yours! Share your ideas in the comments below!




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