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15 Things To Do Any Weekend Without Spending Money

People look forward to and appreciate weekends because they provide a place and personal time where they can escape the routine and seek rest, calm, and enjoyment. When the weekend arrives, you’ll have two full days and nights to enjoy yourself. You take a look inside your wallet, but the contents are once again bleak. You haven’t budgeted enough for entertainment because you’re on a zero balance.

So, while many people can keep their finances in order from Monday to Friday, Saturdays and Sundays are frequently granted a “free pass,” because the experience might sometimes be worth more than the regret. Also, there will always be the excuse that you will need money for everything you want to do, whether it is to catch a bus or to pay a low-cost museum entrance charge.

So what are you inclined to do? Sit on the couch and stare at the idiot box.

Well, you could. Or you could keep busy with these ten things that you can you any weekend without spending money. According to StatisticBrain.com consumers spend on average $137 per week on recreation. According to the US Bureau of Statistics, consumer spending on entertainment varies between $1243 per annum for the under 25’s to $3070 per annum for those in the 45-54 age group, this could be due to the increase in disposable income at that age.

1 – Enjoy a dinner party at home

Get your friends to bring a plate of food. Organise for friends to bring a couple of entrees, you can make the main, and someone else can bring an assortment of sweets. Set the table, light the candles, and get your best silverware out and enjoy a lovely evening in the comfort of your own home.

2 – Check out the free entertainment available in your home town

I love free entertainment especially when you’ve stumbled upon it around your own town. Jump onto Google and type in ‘free things to do in (your city)’. I typed in my city – Gold Coast – and immediately got over a dozen fun ideas to keep me busy all weekend long.

3 – Have a picnic in the park

Food tastes better al fresco style and you can indulge in a yummy picnic of sandwiches or crackers and dip at a local park or beach. If you were eating at a restaurant or cafe you wouldn’t just be paying for the food, they’d add a mark up for the view too. Make your own and marvel in the view free of charge.

4 – Visit the local markets for some live music

Markets are growing in popularity. They’re often filled with knick-knacks you don’t need but are fun to look at, hippy clothing, organic food and live music. From buskers to local musicians. Take a stroll through the markets then find a spot under a tree and listen to some tunes.

5 – Get an education online

Podcasts are growing in popularity and available on most topics. They run anywhere from 30 – 90 minutes and you can find them free on YouTube or niche websites. Teach yourself how to start an online blog or business. Learn to eat healthy and cook a simple nutritious meal at home. Maybe you just want to broaden your horizons on a random topic from how religion forms the world to grooming your pet parrot.

6 – Sell your stuff (or give it away)

Clutter in the house is exhausting and can spill over to your personal life. Take a few hours to sort through your wardrobe and get rid of items that you don’t like, need or want. Anything that hasn’t been worn or still has a tag can be sold at a yard sale or online. Good quality used items can be given away to charity (you’ll feel great by making a small difference). Do the same with the rest of your house from the pantry to the garage. There are many health benefits to purging. The other upside is making some extra cash!

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7 – Spoil yourself to a day spa at home

Massages and facials at fancy health spas sound lovely but aren’t the friendliest for the purse strings. You can create your own health spa atmosphere in the comfort of your own bathroom.

8 – Volunteer your time

Want to feel better and help someone out? Get volunteering. Whether it’s at your local soup kitchen, thrift store or pet shelter. Spend a morning or afternoon helping out someone in need. You’ll meet people, get involved and increase your feel good endorphins. According to studies from Curtin University, Australia, volunteering has many benefits including the improvement in mental health and wellbeing through volunteering. There’s also increased social skills!

9 – Walk in your neighborhood

Don’t go too far. Sometimes routine and day-to-day life make you miss such basic things as knowing what color the houses next to your complex are or the park you thought was small but has a skating rink. There will always be something new to discover.

10 – Enroll in free online course

Are you interested in learning how to program and develop web pages? Do you want to work on your public speaking abilities? Is there a gardening course near you that has launched registration? Working on your training is one of the things you may do on the weekend that will have a beneficial impact on your life.

There are a variety of training alternatives available, including face-to-face classes, seminars, workshops, free online courses, and others that involve a certificate, among others. For example, here are 30 free courses offered by Google with certificate.

There’s even the option of pursuing online specializations or master’s degrees from some of the world’s greatest colleges, all while being at home and in control of your schedule and availability.

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11 – Going camping

Who said traveling is expensive? Staying in hotels can be expensive, but you can travel and visit new places without spending too much money. Don’t have plans for next weekend? Organize a two or three day trip to the mountains or somewhere where you can camp. Invite whoever you want and enjoy a few unforgettable days.

12 – Go for bird watching

Even if you’re not a bird expert, keeping a record of all the birds you’ve ever seen accessible might be a new hobby and a fun thing to do without spending money. Birds may be found almost anywhere (even in the largest cities), and all you need to get started is a bird book and binoculars. Count how many birds you can find in your neighborhood.

13 – Clean the house

Take advantage of your free time to clean your house and throw away all those things you don’t use anymore. You can ask your best friend to help you and as a reward she can keep the unwanted items. Put on some music and make cleaning a fun activity.

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14 – Create an ‘I’m so not bored’ jar

Ever get days where you have no idea what to do with yourself? Yeah, me too. They suck. So my husband and I decided to create a jar of activities to do together when we’re feeling bored or unmotivated. We took an hour over coffee to come up with some ideas and chucked them in the jar. There’s anything from taking a walk on the beach to making pasta from scratch or doing a dress up photo shoot to visiting an unfamiliar spot in our home city.

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15– Start a garden in your backyard (or balcony)

Get your hands dirty with some soil and plant some herbs, easy to maintain fruit and vegetables. You’ll save yourself money and always have flavour to add to your meals. From basil and oregano to mint and coriander. Add some cherry tomatoes, a chili tree, and even a strawberry patch. Consider your available space.


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