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14 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Happier

Have you ever wished for a way to be happier and live a more fulfilling life? You most likely have, because it is one of the main aspirations of human desires. It’s accompanied by a sense of contentment and satisfaction, and it’s undeniably one of the most powerful emotions that influences our mood. According to conventional opinion, you can only learn to be happy once you have learned to be content with yourself.

Whilst no one is ever happy all the time, here are some ways to feel more positive.

1. Get rid of unnecessary negativity

It isn’t possible to avoid negativity all the time, but there are things that can help minimize exposure to it. On social media, people can be muted without them ever knowing. At work, the water cooler can be avoided or conversations cut short due to a meeting in a few minutes. Or an urgent need to pee.

2. Spring clean

Tidying and cleaning the house really cheers me up as I can see what I’ve accomplished when I’m done. And I love the smell of furniture polish. (This weekend. My kitchen. Tidy. Even the cupboard under the sink. The bathroom. Grout that looks like it was put in yesterday).

3. Exercise

It is not necessary to go to the gym or run 10 kms every day to make it work. It is enough to practice a gentle exercise such as walking briskly for 30 minutes a day for the brain to secrete endorphins, those substances that make us feel drugged with happiness, because they are actually natural opiates produced by our own brain, which mitigate pain and cause pleasure.

4. Self Acceptance

Accept that you are your own person and do not need anyone to complete you. There will always be people better than you in some things, but you must discover your own strengths and be proud of them. Accept, also, your defects; being aware of them will make you stronger and wiser.

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5. Don’t dwell
Sometimes I remember stuff that happened years ago that annoyed / upset me and rework the whole situation in my head. Which is daft because there is no such thing as an undo button for life. Learning to catch thoughts and change the subject from something negative into something positive is really helpful. Yes, it was upsetting. Yes, they are annoying. But it’s done. Let.It.Go.

6. Build Resilience

Resilience, not happiness, is the antidote of depression. Even when things do not go as planned, our capacity to deal with issues and emerge stronger from them helps us to be happy. Keep in mind that happiness is both a condition and an attitude.

Events are neither positive nor bad in and of themselves; it is how we perceive them that matters, especially in light of our expectations. That is to say, in order to be happy, we must learn to focus on the areas of our lives that help us grow, as well as to accept mistakes as a source of learning.

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7. Help others

You may have not considered the impact that small gestures can have on your daily routine and that of others. If you see that someone needs to carry a cart or suitcase down a flight of stairs and can’t, or is unable to hold the front door while picking up shopping bags, offering to help is a way to improve their situation, if only for a moment. And afterwards, you’ll feel a lot better too.

8. Recognize that you have alternatives

Although you cannot escape many of the challenges you will face in life, you can choose how you respond to them. You’ll be happy once you recognize that happiness is a decision, not a result of good fortune.

9. Just say No

Sometimes it’s better to say no than go / do something and feel resentful. (If you’ve any tips on doing that and not feeling guilty, then let me know in the comments!)

10. A change of scene

Getting out of the house and going to the library, a coffee shop or just somewhere else can change a mood. Many studies have shown that spending time outside, particularly on sunny days, is beneficial to our bodies and minds.. The sun is a fantastic natural antidepressant, stimulates endocrine functions and increases the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter related to mood.

11. Travel often

If possible you should travel often. Traveling always brings us new experiences and moments to remember, but also makes us happier. Planning vacations leads to a higher degree of happiness due to the effect of anticipating the good times ahead.

12. Be thankful of what you have

Even in the midst of adversity, there are things for which we should be thankful. Recognizing the positive aspects of your life is critical to learning how to be content.

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13. Treat yourself

Do something enjoyable or buy a little something. (Budget permitting. I sometimes save purchasing things so my little treat is something I needed anyway).

14. Choose Happiness

Yes really! The mind is such an amazing thing, sometimes just saying that today is going to be a happy day does work. As does counting blessings and focusing on the good things. One day I will get a photo of the Tubblet when she’s not hiding. But not today.

If all else fails, I remind myself that nothing is permanent and, in the words of Scarlett O’Hara, “Tomorrow is another day …”

How do you buck yourself up and make yourself happier?


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