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13 Reasons Why I Have an Awesome Marriage

I recently read a post entitled Happily Married Is My Reality…And I Won’t Apologize for That. The author was promoting her new book, Happy Wives Club: One Woman’s Worldwide Search for the Secrets of a Great Marriage. As she went on her book tour, interviewer after interviewer insinuated that the women of the “Happy Wives Club” were somehow disingenuous because no one could truly be happily married.

How sad! I am happily married and am not embarrassed. I am not being disingenuous to my readers. I am not posting this just to sound good. I’m not bragging. This is what a marriage should be. If you are dating and you don’t have a beautiful, deep connection with your significant other, it’s time to break it off. If you are married and don’t have a beautiful, deep connection with your spouse, you may want to seek the wise counsel of your religious leader or a marriage therapist. That may sound harsh, but a healthy marriage is so rewarding. I wish that for all of my readers.

13 Reasons Why I Have an Awesome Marriage

  1. My husband is my best friend. We tell each other everything. We never tire of each other’s company.
  2. I enjoy spending time with him. Being together is important to us. Even if he is watching TV and I am on the computer blogging, we are in the same room and periodically chatting about things.
  3. We have the same interests. I love sports as much as my husband. We have the same political and religious views. We both like to travel. We both value exercise and healthy eating and make them a pivotal part of our lives. I’m not an opposites attract kind of person. It’s so important that you and your spouse have common goals.
  4. We are on the same page about finances, investing, living debt-free, and how we spend our money. This is an absolute must for a good relationship. A joint study by Kansas State University and Texas Tech, Examining the Relationship Between Financial Issues and Divorce, revealed that financial arguments were the number one cause of divorce. You can also read this post How to Combine Finances with Your Significant Other.
  5. We don’t watch TV in separate rooms. He has a few programs in which I am not interested. That’s when I check my email, blog, or call my parents. But, I’m still in the same room. The key to a happy marriage – always let the man have the remote!
  6. We eat dinner together. If I am going to be out networking or working, I make sure there are leftovers or something in the crock pot. He’s a great cook in his own right, so he can also put together an impressive meal on his own. He also likes to do the dishes and wash, which is the main reason why I love him!
  7. We go to bed at the same time. This keeps us on the same schedule and it’s just nice to settle in together at the end of the day. I must admit, now that I’m blogging, this isn’t always possible because sometimes I’m still working on a post when he’s ready to go to bed. I find this one of the only negatives of blogging.
  8. We don’t need to be “entertained.” Many Friday nights, we try to think of something to do and we usually end up enjoying each other’s company and not doing a thing.
  9. I still get excited about “date night.” We don’t go bar hopping and we’re not moviegoers. But, the one thing we enjoy is dining out. One or two nights a week we like to have a date night where we go to a restaurant. If it’s a pre-planned date night, I find that I am excited all day as if it’s our first date! (Wellness Wife side note – we always have a coupon unless it’s a special occasion pick and we try to choose restaurants that have healthy options.)
  10. He is not an annoyance to me. I think it’s so sad when people act like their spouse is a burden or an annoyance – “the old ball-and-chain.”
  11. We don’t argue or pick at each other. Some people make sport of arguing to obtain dominance. This is alarming.
  12. We don’t “one up” each other. I am proud of his accomplishments and encourage him in his pursuits. He does the same for me. No one is a bigger supporter of this blog than my husband. It’s not a competition and we do not belittle each other’s achievements. You should be your spouse’s biggest fan.
  13. We are excited about our future together. I always feel bad for people who said they “can’t retire because they would drive their wife crazy” or who “had to go back to work because they were bored out of their mind.” We dream of sitting on the proverbial front porch swing together.

What are the 3 important things in a marriage?

Communicate clearly and often.

Communication, according to the study, is essential for any relationship to endure. The majority of those polled stated that “most marital difficulties can be overcome by open conversation,” and that “those whose marriages failed blamed lack of communication.” One of the most effective strategies to maintain your marriage healthy and successful is to talk with your spouse. Be honest about your feelings, but express in a polite and courteous manner. Being a great listener and truly understand what your partner wants and needs from you is an important part of healthy communication. Maintain open channels of communication by chatting about subjects other than finances and kids on a regular basis. Share your emotions and opinions.

Set reasonable expectations for your partner.

It is natural to have expectations of your partner. However, there is a narrow line between having high expectations that make a marriage wonderful and having excessive expectations that make a relationship unworkable. The bottom truth is that seeing your partner as the be-all and end-all of your happiness is unrealistic. Everyone desires to see their partner happy, but happiness cannot be forced upon them. Putting so much pressure on your friend sets them up for disappointment at something they weren’t intended to achieve and may lead to a lot of stress and conflict.

Sexual Faithfulness.

More than only our bodies are involved in sexual fidelity in marriage. Our eyes, intellect, heart, and soul are also included. We risk sexual fidelity to our spouse when we concentrate our brains to sexual fantasies about another person. We compromise sexual commitment to our spouse when we provide moments of emotional intimacy to another. Protect your sexuality on a daily basis and commit it fully to your partner. Sexual fidelity requires self-control and an understanding of the repercussions. Refuse to allow anything to come between your eyes, body, or heart and your loyalty.

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What holds most marriages together?

There are several ideas, habits, and activities you can implement into your everyday life if you want to develop a good long-term connection with your spouse. This applies to both you and your significant other. Many couples eventually learn that the dwindling embers in their hearts cannot be rekindled by anything outside of themselves. It must originate inside. It is the distinction between extrinsic (from outside) and intrinsic (from inside) motivation.

Some couples who meet in a blaze of passion eventually realise that the fire of their infatuation was a flash in the pan rather than a constant burn. When this happens, some people just confront reality and cut things off. Others, on the other hand, hurry to marry, expecting that the institutional link would replace their fading emotional one. It’s not a good excuse to get married.

Recognize the positive things that happen in the middle of the turmoil. There’s likely to be a wonderful recollection in there to make your day brighter. Give it to your hubby. Celebrations are more essential than ever when times are bad, even if all you can afford is a staycation or one date night each month.

For many newlywed couples, adjusting to married life may be a stressful experience. For days, there will be loud arguments, shattered cups, and injured egos. A newly married couple is the union of two flawed individuals with diverse backgrounds and life experiences who are learning about one other while spending the majority of their waking hours together. A new marriage requires patience, time, and plenty of leeway for changes, arguments, and flaws.

Couple relationships that endure and grow are often cheerful, always changing, and constantly under development. Marriage includes highs and lows, and acknowledging this as “normal” can help the pair set more realistic goals. A healthy relationship gives companionship, interpersonal intimacy, emotional satisfaction, and support, acting as a buffer against physical and emotional ailment. Marriage should strengthen the love of two people by building on the foundations of friendship, a meaningful sexual connection, mutual respect, trust, and compassion.

Even figuring out how to create a joint bank account might be difficult! However, creating a budget and adhering to it without the wiggle space that you frequently have when you’re alone might be challenging. Fortunately, we found it to be a delightful challenge that made us both more responsible. Plus, as a reward for our frugal spending, we enjoyed seeing our bank account grow month after month!


What are your keys to a happy marriage? Why are you thankful for your spouse?


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