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Traveling with kids can be down right nerve wracking, and that’s exactly how I’m feeling. We are planning our first vacation as a family to Disneyland and I can’t help but think about how everything can and will go wrong. Of course, I HOPE that all goes well, but I don’t let my hopes get that high. 😉

I have a lot to research for our Disneyland vacation and because of that, I’ll be sharing them here with you! I’m thinking of naming it my Disneyland Travel Series. What do you think?

The plane ride is what’s been on my mind the most lately. Since we’re flying from Hawaii to California, that’s a minimum of 5 hours in the air {not to mention the wait time at the airport}. Aria is 14 months old and she loves to walk everywhere and touch everything.

Did I mention that one time she licked my belly button when I was sleeping? Ha. Awkward.

Anywho, here’s a list of things we will be bringing in our carry on for Little Miss Aria in hopes of making this flight a memorable {and enjoyable} experience!

Antibacterial Wipes

Pre-baby, Aaron and I weren’t that concerned about the germs on a plane. In fact, the thought never really crossed our minds when we’d travel. Now that we have our little mini me with us, we are germaphobes!! {Hello, we’re first time parents!} We already have a brand new pack of antibacterial wipes ready to go {we’re using this exact one}, but we’re also bringing along a full tub just in case any major spills or accidents happen on board.


If you’ve seen my What’s In My Diaper Bag video, you’ll know I usually keep 5 diapers in my bag at all times. I’m bringing 12 to be exact. I mean, I just wanna be prepared for any accidents at the airport, on the plane, and when we arrive at our destination! I prefer to use the Huggies Little Movers because I like how the front has those sticky parts that keep the diaper from shifting.


It’s pretty easy to get wipes in travel sized packs. I know a lot of people rave about the Kirkland brand, but I beg to differ. Those are too rough for my babies’ tush, so I prefer Pampers. I like the smell, it’s moisture is perfect {and it never dries out! Yay!}, and it’s really strong so it won’t tear on you as your wiping your baby. I found a 3x travel pack on Amazon for just under $6!

Changing Pad

We never leave home without it. Well, sometimes we do because we forget, but 99% of the time, we have our changing pad with us! No changing diapers on the gross floor or the bare changing tables at the airports! {And yes, we use the antibacterial wipes to sanitize it, too.}

Diaper Cream

We prefer to use Desitin, but some babies’ skin are super sensitive, so just use what works for you. I wouldn’t want my little mini me to suffer through a long flight (6 hours) with an ugly diaper rash.

Disposable Bags

For the love of coffee, these will definitely be a life saver. Not only are they useful for placing soiled diapers in, but they’re helpful for holding wet clothes and trash as well. I like to use the Munchkin brand. I found some on Amazon for just under $5 for a pack of 36 bags!

Pain Medicine with Syringe/Dropper

Just the other day I told Aaron, “Oh my gosh, we will totally be those parents who everyone hopes they don’t sit by because we have a baby!” Although we will totally ignore everyone {hey, you wanna take care of my crying kid?}, we are ultimately concerned about how our baby will be feeling during take off and landing. I’ve been told to bring some Childrens’ Tylenol and Infants’ Ibuprofen just in case. We have those kept together in a plastic zip bag along with the syringe. Check, check, and check.

Nose Frida

Yes, this thing was almost $20 {but I found one here for $13.99 + free shipping}, but it’s sooo much better than those bulb syringes they give you at the hospital!! It sounds absolutely disgusting that you’re sucking the snot out of your child’s nose, but it WORKS. Whoever invented this things is a freaking genius. I’ve gotta be friends with them!

Change of Clothes for Me and Mini Me

Accidents happen. Expect the unexpected.


Planes are cold. We all know that. I’m bringing along my mini me’s favorite blanket to not only keep her warm, but to comfort her as well.

Bottles or Sippy Cups with Milk/Formula

Liquids for babies and toddlers require special screening at the airport, but you are allowed to bring formula, milk, and juice under TSA rules. Here’s the link to TSA’s special procedures when traveling with children.


Gold fish, cheerios, Mum-Mums, and Puffs. Oh, and those Plum Organic baby food pouches. TSA will check them, but it’s good to know that we can bring them with us.

Cheap Toys

We won’t be bringing any irreplaceable, but we will be packing books that she’s never seen before and some crayons {like these triangular shaped ones to prevent them from rolling everywhere}. I also picked up some gel cling ons to stick to the window!

We are definitely a bit nervous about our first flight with our daughter, but with these on hand, we hope it’ll be a more enjoyable experience! I’m not sure if I’ll be ditching the diaper bag just yet. I feel like having a diaper bag in addition to my purse is a bit much. What do you think?

Oh, and here’s a bonus item: Remember to bring your child’s birth certificate! This mostly applies to children under 2 who will be a “lap child” but it’s good to have just in case. Most airlines usually accept a copy of it, but always check with them to make sure!

What are some things you brought along in your carry on for your toddler or baby?

Check out all the activities I’m bringing in my bag of tricks!

I’m proud to partner with Amazon to promote kid safety! For more information, see my full disclosure.


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