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12 Ways To Renovate Your Dream Kitchen

Is it time for a new kitchen in the new year? If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen in 2022, you’ve come to the right  place. There are few obvious modifications you can make – both big and small – to turn your current kitchen situation into a space worthy of Pinterest. Here are our top 12 suggestions for ways to go from dismal to dream in the kitchen stakes…

1. Remodel

The most obvious way to make a dramatic change to your kitchen is to rip out the old one and invest in completely new cabinetry and work surfaces – the whole shebang. If you have the budget for a new kitchen then you’ll be pleased to know your spending could pay off in the long run and potentially add an extra 6% to the value of your home. The best thing about this option is that you’ll get to start with a blank canvas far from the hand-me-down tastes of the previous homeowner. Some kitchen retailers offer a free kitchen design and planning appointment, where you get to meet with a designer and share your vision for the new space (or quiz them on their own ideas for the room if you’re completely stuck).

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2. Create a project based on a clear idea

It will be lot easier for you to get down to work if you have a clear idea of what you desire. It is highly recommended to draw up a simple sketch or have a detailed floor plan with the exact measurements of the room, in order to create and organize a reliable project.

Put your thoughts on paper and don’t worry if you change your mind; you can tweak it until you discover the design that works best for you. Consider the best approach to make the most of the limited space and sketch out the layout to get a sense of how it will look.

3. Select right kitchen furniture

You can integrate columns or half-columns in addition to low and high kitchen furnishings to create comfortable storage places and enormous capacity. An idea to visually lighten a space is to include furniture with glass cabinets and illuminate them inside. You can also play with shelves. There is also furniture with reduced depth, perfect for small kitchens. The doors of the furniture will give, along with the countertop, much of the personality of the kitchen. You have a lot of colors and styles to choose from.

4. Sort out your storage

If you’re not in the market for an entirely new kitchen then there are plenty of things you can do to transform your old one without ripping it out completely. Storage is often the number one obstacle to a contemporary, clutter-free kitchen, so focus on adding extra storage solutions to help you lose the messy kitchen look. Extra shelves inside cupboards, hooks on backs of doors, high shelves above a doorway and rods along a window to hang pans from are all ways to maximize the storage space in a small kitchen and make the most of what you’ve got.

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5. Take into account work triangle

The work triangle is the key to any kitchen layout. It should be designed for easy access to the cooktop, refrigerator and sink.  If you find that you have to walk around an island or negotiate many obstacles to get to each of these areas, the layout is probably not the most appropriate.

6. Countertop

You probably already know that granite is the hardest countertop on the market (but it’s also the ugliest), then there’s traditional marble (the most beautiful but less resistant to acid stains and shocks), and then there’s a wide range of other possibilities in between. For a reason, the steel ones are utilized in professional kitchens. Wooden ones are quite durable, but they need to be maintained. Then there are the new materials, such as Silestone or porcelain, which are becoming increasingly attractive and lifelike.

7. Color co-ordinate your cookbooks

All-white kitchens are still among the most popular around (although there’s a growing trend for dark, moody cabinets too). Add some color with a couple of shelves of cookbooks arranged into a rainbow-like shade of loveliness.

8. Change your cupboard handles

It might sound incredibly simple, but sometimes a tiny finishing touch like a cupboard handle really can make ALL the difference. Swapping over your handles for new ones in a different design can be a quick and easy way to update your existing cabinets and give your kitchen a fresh new look.

9. Add some open shelving

Back in the day, the big trend for kitchens was glass-fronted cupboards so you could show off your immaculate chinaware collection. As someone who inherited this very style of kitchen, I can testify to the fact this is an absolute pain in the backside when you’re trying to come up with practical ways to store your less beautiful bits of kitchenware. However, I’m not completely against keeping some things on display in a kitchen. Having a beloved set of glasses or a colorful casserole dish or bowls on display can be a brilliantly simple way to inject color and personality into a space. Rather than the glass-fronted cupboards of yesteryear, consider putting up a couple of open shelves to display your favorite pieces on. Or you could always build your own unit, like the DIY ones featured in this post at Growing Spaces.

10. Transform the kitchen walls

Paint is the best way to easily change the look of the kitchen walls, whether it is on tiles or a wall already painted. The important thing is to choose the right color, in harmony with that of the furniture, i.e. a complementary or close color. If you are repainting a tiled wall, remember to sand the entire surface before starting. Then apply a paint specially designed for this type of surface. The alternative, if you don’t want to get into painting, is to use a tile wall. Sold in rolls, it is very easy to use!

11. Add right lighting

Investing in the right lighting can make all the difference, both for the look and for functional worktops. Ceiling, track, recessed, LED strip, over island or under cabinet lighting, your kitchen designer can guide you towards solutions that are within your reach.

12. Be creative with the materials already present

When you decide to renovate a kitchen, many materials accumulate as you go along. Whether it’s wood or ceramic scraps, metal pieces or plastic, gather it all in one place and see how you can use it to jazz up the room even more.


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