10 Ways Too Look Good In Pictures

10 Ways Too Look Good In Pictures


1.    Strike a pose
Do you feel like the camera adds extra pounds? Try this trick used by Hollywood stars. Half-turned towards the photographer, bring your shoulder out and put your hand on your waist – this will make you look slimmer and more graceful.

2.    Choose the right lipstick
Perfect pictures are taken with clear berry lipstick and gloss, according to image consultant Mimi Dorsey. Avoid neutral colors (flash will make them look very pale) and overly bright ones – or you might end up looking vulgar in the photos.

3.    Take pictures before the party
Take your photos early on, before you start drinking. “Each glass reduces your chances of taking a good picture.” – Troy Jensen, makeup artist.

4.    Use hairspray wisely
“Don’t go overboard with styling products,” warns hairdresser David Evangelista. “Soft hair looks better in a shot than that drenched in hairspray.”

5.    Trust the camera
“A good camera isn’t difficult to use,” states Hollywood photographer Jack Guy. “Simply choose a compact camera that doesn’t require professional skills and has portrait picture mode.”

6.    Show your collarbone
Strain your shoulders and neck, so that your collarbone protrudes and any hint of double chin disappears. “You might feel ridiculously silly trying to stay still that way, but the results are well worth it!” – Mimi Dorsey.

7.    Chase the sunset
“Twilight is the best time to take pictures outdoors: the scattered light produces less shadows and makes your eyes sparkle.” – photographer Jack Guy shares his secret.

8.    Control the sine
“Healthy glow is great, unlike greasy shine that is always magnified with flash,” says Troy Jensen, laughing. “Use a matting product to control the shine on your nose, forehead, and chin.”

9.    Look into the light
Don’t look straight at the camera, but slightly above it, into the flash. This will make your pupils shrink, thus preventing the red eye effect. Another great trick is keeping your eyes wide open. Remember this tip from photo models – focus your eyes on the flash, close them and then open them as wide as you can once the photographer is done counting down.

10.    Find the right angle
Which side of your face is more photogenic? Which one of your smiles looks natural? “Study your pictures carefully, and when you find a consistent lucky pattern, stick with it.” Guy recommends.



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