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10 Ways to Save Money on High End Clothing

I’m a brand buyer. With clothes anyways. I really don’t care if my provolone cheese is Sargento or Giant Eagle. Anyways, while I love buying brand name clothes, I do not love paying full price for them. Thankfully, I don’t have to and neither do you.

Unless the item you want to purchase is an extremely classic designer piece, it will eventually go on sale. And according to Carrie Bradshaw, “delayed gratification is the definition of maturity.” Unfortunately, delayed gratification sucks. It forces you to think about your purchase more and often times you will change your mind about spending. The horror! It’s much more fun to get caught up in the moment and deal with buyer’s remorse later like the immature people we actually are. Let’s claim our adulthood today (and save a little cash) while still looking like a million bucks.

Ways to save money on high end clothing

1) Get emails from your favorite clothing stores.

Stores will alert you to both regular sales and exclusive sales only for their email subscribers. Also, some stores offer a coupon if you give them your email address. 15% off for a couple emails? Yes, please!

2) Sign up for your favorite stores’ loyalty cards.

I know — you already have approximately 581 loyalty cards and your wallet can’t hold any more! Make an exception for your favorite stores to get coupons and perks throughout the year. My favorite? Anthropologie — which gives me 15% off during my birthday month.

3) Shop the annual sales.

Victoria’s Secret has two semi-annual sales per year. Everyone who shops there knows this. Guess what? Every other store has annual, semi-annual, monthly, daily, whatever sales as well. When in doubt, do all your shopping on Black Friday/Cyber Monday — where American consumerism is at its unhealthiest.

4) Google it.

DO NOT buy anything online without Googling a coupon or promo code first. Never. Like never ever. I find at the very least I can find free shipping.

5) Use the ShopStyle App.

This is for the uber patient (aka not me). My husband uses it though and managed to score designer dress shoes for 60% off last month. Not bad, huh? You can set the app to alert you to sales on particular items, groups of items, or particular stores. You can also refine your search to only look at items more than 50%, 60%, or 70% off. With a little patience, you can score some mega awesome deals!

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6) Do some DIY

No, I’m not suggesting you sew your own garments – that’s more difficult than it appears, and it already sounds difficult.
Instead, master the fundamentals of sewing. It’s actually quite simple to hand-sew a button, and you can replace a popped button instead of buying a new garment.

Learn to stitch a simple hem if you possess or have access to a sewing machine. You can save money by hemming your own pants and jeans, and what about those nicely tailored trousers you destroyed when you stepped in a puddle?You can turn them into a beautiful pair of shorts by hemming them.

7) Use rebate sites.

Can’t find any other deals? Use Ebates or Fat Wallet to get money back on your purchases. This should be a last resort because it usually won’t give you as good of a deal as coupons or sales will.

8) Thrift shop.

If Macklemore can do it, so can you. Go to the richer areas around you to score designer clothes (sometimes with the tags still on!) for rock bottom prices. Go on and treat yo’ self to some flannel zebra jammies. Designer, of course.

What are your tricks for buying high end on the cheap? Did “Thrift Shop” make you want to rock a velour jumpsuit and some house slippers?

9) What you don’t wear can be sold.

Drop it off at a consignment shop if you don’t wear a particular clothe. When the shop sells your items, you’ll receive a check for a percentage of the proceeds. You won’t get the full amount, but you also won’t have to put in any effort. Once a year, Stacy suggests going through your closet. You don’t need that sweater if you haven’t worn it in 365 days.

10) Look through the men’s section.

To save money, women should purchase a number of goods from the men’s area. T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies cost significantly less in the men’s department — or the boy’s section if you’re a petite woman — than they do in the women’s department. Scarves are frequently discounted in the men’s section these days.

How to Shop Your Closet

I love the idea of “shopping your closet” for outfits you may not already know you own. My approach to shopping your closet, however, is a little different than what you may normally consider best practice, but I’m going to tell you any way. Here is how I shop my closet:

I have two “seasons” of outfits since I live in the South. I have a Spring/Summer wardrobe and a Fall/Winter one. At the end of every season I ceremoniously pack away my out-of-season clothes. I put them in boxes and stash them out of sight in my closet, or in another part of the house entirely. I do it this way for three big reasons:

a) It cuts down on the clutter in my closet, so I can actually see and make use of my outfits.

b) It gives my clothes an even wear.

c) Everything feels new again because I haven’t seen it or worn it in six months.

And I’m not talking about clothes I never wear. I put my favorites and new to the season items away, so I have a few nice, fun surprises when unpacking the clothes at the start of each new season.

Tips for How to Shop Your Closet

I tag a few “borderline” items that I knew I didn’t get much wear out of to see if I wear them again the next season. If something that I’ve tagged from last winter doesn’t get worn again the following one, I donate it instead of packing it away.

There are a few items that I pack away because I love them and when I take them out again I realize they have stains or rips/tears. Packing and unpacking for each season allows me to inspect my clothes more carefully than I would if I just left them in the closet all year long.

I rarely buy things off season. I know I should, because the savings can be huge, but it just isn’t as fun for me, and I go shopping so rarely nowadays. To keep the extra “thrill” alive I pack away new items in tissue paper in a separate box.



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