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10 Things I Bet You Never Thought to Clean

I’ve compiled a list of 10 things to clean that I’m sure you’ve never considered, so you can keep your home and family clean and healthy in new year! This isn’t to suggest you haven’t been cleaning your house properly; trust me, I only recognized most of these in the last couple of years. Some of them you may have known forever. But they are things that I think a lot of people don’t think to clean!

1. Sponge

dirty sponge

Sponges are disgusting. I mean, think about it. We use them to clean dirty dishes, put them next to the sink, and then the next day, use the DIRTY sponge to “clean” dishes again! Bleh! Personally, if I could use a new sponge everyday I would, but that’s a waste of resources and money. Instead, I throw my sponge in the dishwasher with every load I run in it. The sponge gets sanitized along with the dishes!

I’ve also read that you can microwave a sponge if you don’t have a dishwasher or want to do it quickly: just get it wet and microwave it for about a minute. And make sure you change your sponge regularly! I always use my old sponge to clean my bathrooms on Chore Day once a week (but only once it’s been through the dishwasher) and then it gets thrown away and my kitchen gets a new one.

2. Handles

I’ll give my mom credit for this one, I hadn’t thought of it until a few months ago when she mentioned something to me about my fridge handles looking dingy. Wait, what? Fridge handles get dirty? Of course, it seems so obvious now. We walk around while eating or with dirty hands and open up cabinets/our fridge/etc, so the handles get dirty, too!

I would suggest spraying a folded paper towel with your favorite cleaning product/disinfectant and go through your house, wiping down handles. Don’t forget your door knobs, fridge, oven, and cabinet handles (kitchen and bathroom). I usually do it once a week, but of course if somebody in your family is sick, it might need to be done more often!

3. Under Stove

Until I lived in my own home, I never, ever, knew that the stove part of a stove/oven combo can lift up. The first time I discovered it, I was disgusted by the mess underneath. Now I lift mine up once a month and deep clean underneath. This is really only applicable if your stove has burners/trays that have openings that let food drop below.

4. Dishwasher

cleaning dishwasher

This one is really easy, but still important. Your dishwasher is pretty efficient at cleaning itself, but it can leave microscopic food particles inside itself that mean your dishes aren’t really getting clean. Buying one of these handy things and running it through your dishwasher every month or so will help avoid that.

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5. Hairbrush

If you hair is anything like mine, then you leave a ton behind in the brush every time you do your hair. Even if you don’t leave a lot of hair behind, your brush is still building up gunk from styling products, natural oils, etc. About once a month I usually use a pair of tweezers to get out all the hair out of the bristles (that’s a bit OCD, you can just pull what you can out with your fingers if you’re not crazy like me) and then I soak the hairbrush in a bowl of warm water with a bit of Clorox Clean Up mixed in. Rinse well and your brush will be as good as new!

6. Toothbrush Holder

toothbrush holder

If you really think about it, toothbrushes are disgusting. You use them to clean your mouth, and then just set them in a little cup and go on your way. Like sponges, I would use a different toothbrush every day if I could, but obviously I can’t. Instead I rinse mine with really hot water and change it out as often as possible.

But have you ever thought about your toothbrush holder? The water drips from your toothbrush into the bottom and pools there, making it rather disgusting. Throw it in the dishwasher at least once a week to keep it from growing things. Yuck!

7. Shower Curtains

Ever noticed the bottom of your shower liner getting a bit pinkish? That’s mildew! Gross, right? Luckily, this one is really simple to fix: you can wash shower liners/curtains in your washing machine. You can even dry them! So throw them both in there from time to time, probably about once a month. This will help keep your bathroom fresh!

8. Vacuum Filters

dirty vacuum cleaner
I’m sure most of you take your filters out of your vacuum occasionally and get the dirt out, but have you ever actually washed them? They can be harboring small particles of dust and germs, especially if you have pets. Thankfully, most vacuum filters are dishwasher safe, so put them in there (no soap necessary) and let them get really clean with the hot water. Make sure you let them dry completely before putting them back in the vacuum, and I would definitely clean your dishwasher when you’re done!

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9. Comforters/Pillows

While your comforter and pillows are usually protected from dirt/dander by the sheets, they can still collect that gross stuff and become dirty (especially your pillows). Ever picked up your pillow and thought “huh, that feels heavier”? Yeah, that’s dirt (ew)! You can easily fix this by washing your comforter and pillows in your washing machine (separate loads). My washing machine fits a King-size comforter on its “super” load setting, but you can always go to the laundromat if necessary.

Make sure that you dry your comforter and pillow really well: putting a tennis ball in the dryer with them will help prevent lumps and get the moisture out. I would suggest washing your pillows about every two months, and your comforter every six months.

10. Electronics

With all the touch screen electronics we have these days, it’s no surprise to realize how dirty they are. We use them constantly, and they either touch our face (phones) or our hands (e-readers, tablets, etc.), and gather all kinds of oils and dirt. Ever noticed that you’re getting pimples on the side of your face where you normally hold your phone? Think about it…or don’t, it’s just yucky. Wipe down the screens often. I prefer to use Windex Complete, because it has anti-bacterial in it as well.

That’s my list! Are there any you know of that I didn’t include? The list could go on and on, but these are the 10 that disgust me the most. I hope the list helps some people!


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