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10 Simple Tricks For More Productivity in Home and Office

Sometimes it’s the little things that cause us to fail. That turn a free morning, in which we could have done a lot, into a morning that ends the way it started: with a full To Do list that feels even longer.

That’s why today I’m sharing my top 10 tips on how you too can get more out of your time in your home office and increase your productivity. How to use your precious time wisely and effectively, instead of looking at the clock hours later and realizing that you’ve already done everything again – except work!

1. The 2 minutes rule

Everything you can do in 2 minutes: do it! Immediately! This can be answering a customer email, backing up your website, transferring an invoice or even sorting documents for accounting.

Why 2 minutes? Most of the time, many things don’t even take 2 minutes, on the contrary, many tasks are done so quickly that they are hardly worth a thought. And here lies the little, yet nasty secret: thinking about these tasks “I still have to answer the mail!” usually eats up more time than getting them done directly.

You think about this mail 10 times a day, in the worst case get rattled because of it and thus lose more time than answering this mail directly! Try it out! What you can do in 2 minutes: do it and one item on the To Do list is gone and your head is free for other tasks! And believe me: depending on what you do, 2 minutes is sometimes quite a long time!

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2. Get everything you need to do done before you sit down to work

You want to dedicate the next 2 hours intensively to your project? Write your book? Devote yourself to content planning for the blog? Then do everything beforehand that could disturb or distract you. Take the dogs for a walk so that you can work undisturbed afterwards and without constantly glancing at the clock that you have to get out right away.

Turn on the dishwasher, vacuum the apartment, press the start button of the washing machine – no matter what bothers you and still has to be done: do it! This is the only way you can sit down to your task afterwards (with a damn good feeling) and have everything else out of your mind!

3. Set a time for yourself to dedicate to work

Setting “the afternoon” for work usually goes wrong. For one thing, “the afternoon” is a long and stretchy term, and for another, it usually leads to doing a lot of unimportant things “Oh, just a quick read of the blogposts from my favorite blogs, I still have the whole afternoon for work!” – and before you know it 3 hours are up and you’ve done what? That’s right, you’ve frittered away the afternoon!

Therefore, set yourself beforehand, how long you dedicate yourself to work (realistic please!) and then start immediately with your work – after this time (let’s say again 2 hours) you have time for your favorite blogs – but the most important is done!

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You should know, though the Internet is a fantastic tool, but it is also the world’s largest time-waster. Make sure they know the purpose of your work every time you sit down at the computer to prevent succumbing to the numerous distractions. Make a list of exactly what you intend to accomplish. Once that’s done, go straight to work. Don’t waste a minute. Even checking Facebook or your emails just once will get you off track.

By the way, on days when you don’t feel like doing anything at all, it can definitely help to keep the time window very short. Only one hour or even half an hour to do something effectively are sometimes much more useful than to torture yourself with something for two hours and not make any progress!

4. The Realistic To Do List

Item number 3 is there to complete your tasks that you have on your To Do List. But this list should be one thing above all: manageable! Put on your To Do list of the day tasks that you can actually do – I would advise against more than 3-4! This has the advantage that you can ideally complete all your tasks in the time you have given yourself, but you can also see directly what has priority and what does not!

Setting priorities is very important, otherwise the day is over and you have nothing done, which finances your livelihood! If you don’t know where to start, I can recommend my post Where do I start if I don’t know where to start?!

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5. Planning is half the battle!

Productivity means using your time efficiently. But you only feel really productive if you also tackle your important tasks. You should write your To Do list before your set work time! Whether you do this the night before or in the morning is totally irrelevant and a matter of attitude! For me it is often mixed. Some days I clearly know what I have to do the next day – and in what order. On other days, I only plan this in the morning and let myself drift when there is no deadline breathing down my neck.

Online tools for To Do Lists are handy, as they allow you to push your To Do’s as well. The only important thing is that you can start right away in the time you consciously take to work, and don’t just start prioritizing then!
Avoid troublemakers who distract you!

Old hat, but still like to be an ignored point. Put your phone on silent when you start your work phase. Turn off notifications on your desktop that show you new emails, Twitter messages, or the like. If you don’t live alone, also inform your partner/children that you now want 2 hours to yourself – work is work and especially in a home office you need to be able to work in peace and without distractions! Advantage: you can do much more in less time without distractions!

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6. One task at a time

The absolute secret recipe for increasing your productivity is: focus. The longer you can work on a task uninterrupted and in one piece, the more productive you’ll be. But in these days of constantly buzzing smartphones and 24/7 availability of beautiful distractions, focus has become an extreme challenge for many of us.

When it comes to concentration and engagement, most people simply scratch the surface. You wind up working for 15 to 20 minutes at a time in little bursts. The never-ending flow of inattention keeps you from going deeper into a level of genuine connection. When you work in a shallow and distracted mindset on a regular basis, you risk permanently reducing your ability to achieve deeper levels of focus and attention when you need it most.

It’s always easier to take a quick check of emails or the latest news instead of getting started on the next difficult task. The solution to this problem is monotasking or singletasking. Monotasking is the opposite of multitasking and means: Concentrate fully on only one task. Turn off all other distractions.

7. Do not put off unpleasant things

I’m sure you’re like many others, myself included. Unpleasant things and work are often gladly postponed. But this task that is still waiting for you, sits constantly in your head and your thoughts. As a result, your concentration for other tasks suffers. Thus you put yourself in the way of your productivity. Get the unpleasant things out of the way first and so you get your head free for all other activities and can tackle them much more focused.

8. Take mini breaks

Are you most productive when you work non-stop nine hours a day? No way! In order to always have fresh thoughts, several small breaks are necessary during working hours. So there’s nothing wrong with two or three coffee breaks a day. But be careful: The breaks should not last longer than five minutes – otherwise your motivation will disappear.

The best way to avoid fatigue is to take one or two short breaks every hour. I personally use an app, which disconnects me from my computer for ten minutes every fifty minutes. When you rest regularly, you keep your energy up and get more done throughout the day.

9. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do!

You have to be at your desk at 8 in the morning – nonsense! Only you know your productive peak! I’m usually most productive in the afternoon and evening because I like to use the morning for household, the pets and also my hobby – in the morning the thoughts are just not yet so up to speed with me. Only exception is the time between 5 and 8 o’clock – no kidding! If I’m already at my desk that early in the morning, I get a lot done and it feels pretty darn good to have already checked off some items from the To Do list at 8am!

That said, don’t feel bad if you don’t start work until 4pm. You are your own boss – you determine your daily schedule – no one else!!!

10. The minimalist desk

The fewer things that distract you on your desk – and in your home office – the easier it is for you to focus on your work! Put the magazines in the living room to read and you should also banish the 20 pens, half of which are not writing. Ideally, you should only have what helps you work on your desk – and at most a good drink and a (!) decorative object like a flower or a candle to put you in a good mood while you work. Of course, minimalism at work is not for everyone. Nevertheless, it is often easier to concentrate when your eyes are not constantly on unimportant documents (or your cell phone).




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