1.    Neat hair. Neat, beautiful hair makes any woman look good. Take care of your hair, keep it clean and healthy.
2.    Nice hairstyle. You don’t need a sophisticated or extravagant do, just straighten your hair or get soft curls.
3.    Glowing skin. Be smart about your skincare routine, and you won’t need to spend too much time on makeup. Always work towards clear and healthy skin.
4.    Hands. Make sure you’re always wearing nail polish. Hands say a lot about a person: if you never bother with a manicure, you’re not a real lady.



5.    Legs. Waxing and pedicure, regardless what time of the year it is.
6.    Teeth. Healthy white teeth will make anyone look good, not just women. Don’t put off your dentist appointment if you need one. Your smile must shine, not frighten.
7.    Makeup. Being vulgar isn’t trendy or feminine, so keep it moderate and natural, and emphasize either your eyes or your lips, but not both at the same time.
8.    Eyebrows. Eyebrows always stand out, especially if they’re not taken care of. That’s why you need to shape yours well and fix them up when needed. You don’t have to follow fashion trends and get yours tattooed just because thicker brows is what’s in right now. They might not be the best option for you. Learn to find the right look for you and stick with it.
9.    Walk. A beautiful, graceful walk is your weapon. You’re not just walking, you’re carrying yourself, like you are something precious. Being clumsy can’t make anyone look good, so learn to be graceful. Keep your back straight and your chin up. A graceful woman is seen as beautiful, confident, and successful.
10.    Style. Determine your style based on circumstances. If you don’t have what it takes to pick out stylish and tasteful clothing, there’s no need to dress in gray, boring, or ridiculous attire. You have TV shows that will provide you tips and advice, as well as our website. You have a choice, you just have to be willing.


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