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10 Essential Habits To Instantly Become A Highly Organized Mom

Have you ever looked around and wondered how all those other women manage to be so successful at being moms? Even despite working a full-time job, they appear to have meals prepared, laundry always done, newborns sleeping through the night, older kids arriving on time to all activities. They make it out to be so simple. You feel defeated just watching them because you can’t seem to find out how to be an organized mom?

The truth is that these moms don’t always have it all together. They struggle often; they have good days and bad days; and really, they are just like you. Because, none of us is superwoman. But, the one thing they do have is a core practice of essential habits that, even on the bad days, creates a pretty well organized mom. These seven powerful habits are essential organized mom tips that will immediately guide you to declutter and arrange everything from the basics, like your kitchen and closets, to the truly fundamental, like your daily schedule. You will instantly become a highly organized mom.

10 Habits of Highly Organized Moms

#1 Early to bed, Early to Rise.

Nothing sets the rhythm of life better than a consistent bed time and awake time. I know, I know. It seems entirely impossible. But, it isn’t. You just have to plan your day in a manner that gets you the sleep you need, while also getting you up early enough before your people wake so you can do what you need to do for yourself – whether that is reading a book, sipping a cup of coffee, working out, or squeezing in a couple hours of work.

A regular bedtime and an early rise are your greatest assets.

If you don’t even know how to start planning your day or your week to fit it all in and get yourself sleeping consistently. You will immediately begin to say no to what doesn’t serve you, create buffers to minimize your stress, and organize your own happiness.

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#2 Purge.

Organized moms are continuously purging by either tossing or giving away items no longer needed in their homes or their lives. For instance, all that cute, beautiful paper work that comes home from school throughout the year? I keep it in one of those expandable plastic folders (like this one) all year long – every kid gets their own folder. Then, at the end of the year, I look back through it and keep the handful of really good stuff and toss the rest. I find that it is really hard to toss the stuff right when it enters our home, but after some time has passed neither myself nor it’s creator is too upset to just let it go.

And therein lies the secret to the habit of purging – organized moms never miss the stuff they toss. Purging is a habit that requires you to leave your emotional attachments behind. While it may be difficult to let go of some things, you must recognize that the clean area, room or surface is much more satisfying. And remember that purging doesn’t mean throwing away, it might just mean giving something to someone who can put it to greater use.

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#3 Place Giveaways In The Car.

Organized moms actually give away their giveaways. The perfect finish to your continual purging is getting in the habit of placing the items you intend to give away into the car immediately. This means the next time you are out and about you can easily drop these gifts to their respective recipients, like you’re friend Sarah or the Salvation Army. If you don’t know to whom to send your castoffs, you can mail them through GiveBackBox, which offers free shipping labels for items shipped to your local Goodwill.

#4 Use Your Tools, Paper or Electronic.

Organized moms use awesome tools to organize daily life. Some of us need a visual, which means paper planner organization works best. Here is a free printable daily calendar from Crystal Paine at the Money Saving Mom (just print 7 at at time to organize your week). If you like something already bound together, Ruth Soukup’s updated Living Well Planner totally rocks.

On the other hand, if you are more like me, electronic organization is your passion. I use several apps to keep files, list and ideas organized, including Evernote. Evernote is a free tool that syncs across two of your devices. I keep mine on my iPad and my iPhone so that no matter what is in my bag, I always have my grocery list on me.

#5 Arrange Your Home In Zones.

Have you ever stopped to think of your home in zones? An organized mom has a habit of arranging her home by area and function. In your mud room, bags or crates can be organized by activity – soccer gear in one spot and ballet shoes in a another. I keep separate bags for church materials, school supplies, swimming gear, baseball bags and hockey equipment. And, all of these have their own spot, depending on the season and which is getting the most use.

Successfully zoning your home means taking the approach beyond rooms to include smaller spaces, as well. For instance, your pantry might be organized with breakfast foods like syrups, cereals and bars together in one area; snack foods like chips, crackers and cookies on a different shelf; and spices and cooking supplies kept together on a different shelf.

Zoning your home is a habit that allows you to act quickly and easily. It also instantly empowers your little people to help themselves because they clearly know and see where things are kept.

#6 Delegate Responsibilities

little girl helping her mother

It’s critical that you delegate chores to other family members.  This will allow you to accept to delegate certain responsibilities. It has been proven that spousal assistance in domestic responsibilities helps to lessen work-life conflict in couples. It also significantly reduces the woman’s stress levels. For kids, it is very positive for them to have responsibilities in accordance with their abilities. From an early age, it stimulates their cognitive development.

#7 Do Routines Work In a Same Way

Always do things the same way. Always leave your keys in the same place, always charge your phone in the morning, or at night, in the same place, hang your bag on the same rack, keep your coat in the same closet. This will save you a lot of time looking for things.

#8 Take advantage of your children’s sleep

Until at least age 3, kids usually take naps and go to bed early. I love to work or do things around the house while he naps or sleeps at night. There are going to be days when you will need a nap too, and I assure you that if you learn to organize yourself, you will be able to enjoy them once in a while with them.

#9 Do Now, Not Later.

Among the most important habits of successful people is simply saving time by doing now instead of returning to something to do it later. In all areas of business and life, the most successful people will spend 30 seconds to do something right in front of them and get it done. If you save it for later, you waste time reviewing it again and you likely create a pile of clutter you have to sort through later, whether on your desk or in your inbox.

#10 Embrace Hooks.

Hooks are essential to organizing your home, especially with kids. Line them up in your mud room at a low level for hanging backpacks and other kid bags. Put them in your kids bedrooms for hanging jackets, clothes and even some toys. Organize your kitchen with hooks to hang utensils. Place hooks in your closet to organize your accessories. Have a husband who likes to drape his clothes on a chair in your bedroom instead of hanging them up? Place hooks in his closet instead and keep your bedroom looking organized.


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