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10 Best Boutique Hotels in and Around the Riviera Maya, Mexico

The Riviera Maya, often known as the Mayan Riviera, is a Mexican tourist attraction that borders the Caribbean Sea. It starts at Playa del Carmen and winds its way down to Tulum in the south, although it also includes the towns of Puerto Morelos in the north and Felipe Carrillo Puerto in the south. Check this post to know the best dive sites in riviera maya.

All along the Riviera Maya is the beautiful, turquoise Caribbean Sea. The sands of the Riviera are a fine powdery white and forms a stunning contrast to the blue of the sea. This whole district is liberally peppered with boutique hotels and fine dining restaurants. With the sort of climate that is ideal to holiday in, the Mayan Riviera is an ideal holiday destination. There are boutique hotels and resorts galore, but I have handpicked a few for that perfect luxury holiday you have been looking forward to.

Mezzanine, Tulum

Mezzanine – chic, elegant and minimalistic – it has a modern appeal and is situated on the pearly white sands of Tulum. The hotel has 9 beautifully appointed rooms to choose from, sun loungers on a private deck, a restaurant that serves you delicious, authentic Thai food, while you sit a-watching an intense sunset. You can spend your days lotus eating or exploring the surrounds, snorkel in the turquoise sea, make a foray into the jungle to see a diverse variety of birds, check out the mystic mayan ruins or go swimming in the cenotes. Rooms are available at $120 in the low season.

Mezzanine Tulum


And you know what, you could stretch yourself into shape in a private yoga class and later on have a relaxing massage next to the Caribbean Sea. Could it be more ideal?

CasaSandra Boutique Hotel, Holbox Island

What do you get when you put together specially picked music, unusual paintings that reflect the colors of Mexico and a friendly atmosphere? CasaSandra, of course. This wonderfully bohemian boutique hotel is a little haven on the island of Holbox. Owned by Cuban artist Sandra Perez, she has nurtured the hotel and filled it with warmth and character, decorated it with rustic elegance, done away with modern day distractions and created a place to dream in. Begin each day listening to Baroque over breakfast. Have a romantic candlelit dinner, letting specially chosen jazz enhance the mood of the evening. Adding to the atmosphere is the personalized service, so essential to make a holiday perfect.

Casa Sandra in Riviera Maya


The CasaSandra Boutique Hotel gives you 18 rooms and a luxury villa to choose from, with rates beginning at USD 240.

El Dorado Maroma, Playa del Carmen

If you’re looking for splendid service, gourmet food, beautiful rooms and a holiday where you’re made to feel not just welcome, but special, you’ll find it all in El Dorado. This is an adults only intimate resort on the beautiful Maroma beach. The ever smiling staff is more than happy to make sure your stay is not just comfortable, but makes you want to return year after year. El Dorado has 101 rooms, yet your stay at the hotel makes you feel like you’re the only inhabitant, that’s how special they make you feel! This is an ideal wedding and honeymoon destination with its enchanting surrounds, a beach side chapel and the sound of the waves playing a pleasing symphony.

Maroma Playa-del-Carmen


With rates beginning at $350 this could be the ideal getaway you were seeking.

Jashita, Tulum

This little eco-friendly hotel overlooks the Solimon Bay. The beach is just a few steps away and the bay is protected by a reef, so it is safe to snorkel any time of year.  A stay at Jashita takes you to a space in time where you spend quality time with family, without the distractions of the modern day world. No demands from the strident ring of the telephone. Just the sound of the birds, the swish of the waves and the company of colorful marine life as you plunge into the water. The staff is discreet and attentive, making sure you do not lack for anything. The food, fresh and delicious.The 17 rooms include a villa – the Villa Jasmine. The Villa is ideal for a family or a group of friends with its 5 bedrooms and a wonderful sit out near the beach that you can dine at.

Jashita Tulum

If it is a time of rejuvenation that you seek, then Jashita is the place to stay at.  Rates here begin at USD 180 in the low season.

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Hotel Encantada, Tulum

If you fancy sitting out on a private deck, overlooking the dazzling blue Caribbean Sea, being caressed by gentle breezes, the Hotel Encantada is perfectly situated for just such a holiday. This eco-friendly boutique hotel sits on an exclusive stretch of white sandy beach in Tulum. Paradisical, romantic, welcoming and intimate are words that come to mind in describing the hotel. There are villas with ocean views as well as with private gardens, 8 villas in all. Rates begin at USD 165 during the low season.



Hotel Encantada being small, the service is personalized, the food excellent and really, they make you feel like you’re part of the family!

Viceroy Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen

The Viceroy Riviera is a hotel with a difference. Its layout offers you a choice of 41 villas that are deep in the forest as well as out on the beach, giving you the best of both worlds. The decor is intrinsically Mayan, and the traditional treatments at the spa are an extension of the Mayan atmosphere. Participate in a yoga class in these beautiful surrounds, if you wish. A stay at the Viceroy is refreshing to both body and spirit. The hotel offers itself as an ideal wedding destination. The traditional ceremony is conducted in the Mayan dialect and presided over by a shaman, a beautiful ceremony in an unspoiled environment, a dream wedding, if you will.

This eco-friendly resort is unabashedly seductive and tempts you to escape from the demands of your everyday life. Room rates begin at USD 394.

Be, Tulum

This hotel is just the place to ‘Be’! Stylish, sophisticated, beautiful decor…words that describe this lovely boutique hotel that keeps luring you back year after year. The unique setting of this hotel gives you access to the beach as well as a feel of the lush forest.  Be Tulum beckons like an oasis in the desert. You have 20 rooms to choose from, some that have sea breezes wafting through. The service? Oh, its just perfect! They make you feel so welcome and cared for, so special. This is certainly a place you would choose to return to!

Be Hotel in Tulum
The rooms downstairs give you access to a conveniently placed pool while the rooms upstairs have Jacuzzis. What’s not to like about a stay in Be Tulum! Room rates here start around USD 480.

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El Pez at Turtle Cove, Tulum

El Pez sits prettily in solitary splendor on a rocky portion of the stretch of beach overlooking Turtle Cove. Nothing to crowd the hotel on either side, just the the secluded beach. Elegantly done up in a mix of rustic charm with a touch of modern flavor, this is a resort with a difference.  Far from the madding crowd, every seaside cabana is an offering of peace and unspoilt beauty. An ideal set up for relaxation in natural surroundings, step out to keep company with a diverse variety of birds, or take a dip into the beautiful Turtle cove to hob-nob with the exotic marine life.

El Pez at Turtle Cove


As for the rooms, they are spacious, airy and have the most comfortable king size beds! Add to that, friendly, ever-smiling staff that go the extra mile to make you feel special, and you think you have found paradise at last… Room rates begin at USD 219.

Coqui Coqui Hotel, Tulum

Limestone structures amid coconut trees, the white Tulum sand, a charmingly rustic appeal, all this describes Coqui Coqui for me. Designed and built in a style inspired by the Mayan ruins, the hotel promises an unforgettable Caribbean stay. This hotel is all about stylish simplicity in its decor, service and food. And what’s special about Coqui Coqui is its line of fragrances inspired by the wonderful, natural scents of the sea and the flowers. These are available in the small boutique, along with beach accessories and apparel that are also locally made.


What would really tempt me is to treat myself to one of their highly recommended body treatments, especially knowing that all the products are made of indigenously produced oils and fragrances. Treatments that are good for my spirit and physical wellbeing. After all that’s what a holiday is all about! don’t you think? With rates beginning at USD 220, it is a temptation worth giving into….

Cabanas La Luna, Tulum

Cabanas La Luna, ok, what can I say about this idyllic resort? A lot, as it turns out! Laid out in the form of a little village with wooden cabanas that treat you to an unimpeded view of the beach, yet set back enough to afford you the privacy you seek, the resort is built on a perfect piece of beach property in Tulum. The in house restaurant, Las Estrellas, promises and delivers the best food you can find, all freshly sourced and beautifully presented. You really don’t want to go seek out a place to eat in outside the resort. Whether you plan your wedding or a getaway with your family, this place is perfection with its friendly staff who bend over backwards to make sure your holiday is perfect in every way.



You have 9 romantic cabanas to choose from, some on the beach and a couple of them in the La Luna gardens, treating you to a view of the jungle on one side. Rates here begin at USD 95.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best month to visit Riviera Maya?

Temperatures are also much higher in May and July, while rainfall is marginally greater. According to studies, April is the ideal month to visit the Riviera Maya due to the pleasant weather and minimal likelihood of rain. During this season, beach activities (mostly swimming) are plentiful.

May is the warmest month in Riviera Maya, with an average daily high of 36 degrees Celsius and a low of 23 degrees Celsius. December is the coldest month of the year, with an average daily high of 28 degrees Celsius and a low of 20 degrees Celsius. The rainy season lasts from May to November, with temperatures averaging 26°C. The sea has warmed up to 29°C, which is great for swimming and water sports, making this the finest time to visit Riviera Maya for swimming.

Rivera Maya luxury tourism is available from January to April, when temperatures are high and humidity is high. Spring break (March and April) may be an exciting time with plenty of partying and fun in the sun for those who don’t mind somewhat higher rates and slightly warmer weather. May is a terrific time to visit Cancun if you want to experience anything in between luxury all-inclusive and spring break. Cancun’s peak season ends in May, yet temperatures stay warm and the skiing remains excellent. There’s still plenty of sun and beach time, but resorts aren’t as congested as they are during peak season.

What is the cheapest time to go to Riviera Maya?

There are normally two periods of year when prices are lowest. September and October due of school and storm season. It’s after spring break and before students go back to school in the latter part of April and early half of May. From September through November, airfares are at their lowest and hotels are giving discounts. The weather isn’t perfect during this period, but it’s worth considering if you’re seeking for the cheapest time to visit Cancun.

During the summer months, Mexico’s shorelines tend to attract a lot of seaweed (sargasso). Hotels and resorts try their best to clear up the seaweed, but during the low season, expect to see more seaweed than usual. Because people avoid Cancun and Playa Del Carmen during the low season, you may typically get the greatest hotel prices. You’ll find less crowded beaches, lower flight and hotel costs, and superior service. I usually always make my reservations via Apple. The good bargain is usually approximately 8 weeks away. However, sales might occur up to a week before departure.

How much does Riviera Maya cost?

Flight prices might vary greatly depending on your departure location and country of origin. Think about the following. A round-trip flight to the Riviera Maya from Mexico City may cost roughly 4,500 MXN per person. In example, a flight from LAX in Los Angeles may cost approximately $500 USD per person. Despite being the most expensive section of the nation due to considerable tourist development, the Riviera Maya nevertheless provides a reasonable cost of living where you may live comfortably on considerably less than you would in the United States.

Also, take in mind that the cost of living is heavily influenced by one’s lifestyle. A 7-day vacation to Riviera Maya costs an average of $1,205 for a single traveller, $2,164 for a couple, and $4,057 for a family of four. Hotels in Riviera Maya vary in price from $51 to $234 per night, with an average of $91, while most vacation rentals cost between $130 and $400 per night for the full property.


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